Flow’s Maintenance and Service tracking keeps track of when your coffee equipment is due for servicing. This is done by tracking the time and usage since each item was last serviced. You can set your own service thresholds based on time and usage and Flow will report on service priority based on these parameters.

Service items tracked by Flow include:

  • General service

  • Grouphead seals

  • Grinder burrs

  • Water filter

Additionally you can configure the service intervals (in days and shots poured) and service due warning thresholds for the organization.

Service History

View a list of pending and completed services.

Service Items

View the status of each service item at the time it was serviced.

Maintenance Reporting

The Maintenance page displays a report of each coffee machines maintenance state ordered by maintenance priority. This allows you to see which maintenance items are due or upcoming, and plan services accordingly. Maintenance item icons will change colour from green (item is within service tolerance) to amber (item is approaching service threshold) to red (item is due for service). Hovering over each icon will give a summary of the maintenance status of that item.