#TNTNW @ Slate Coffee


Thursday EspressoParts sent a team to Slate Coffee in Seattle for the monthly TNTNW. Slate is a great coffee bar with loads of talent and knowledge. Good people. We crowded the small cafe. It was hot. It was tight. It was awesome.

Thursday afternoon the EspressoParts team hit the road, prizes in tow. It’s an hour’s drive from EspressoParts HQ to the city. We were doing fine until we reached the city limits and caught our first sight of the skyline. I-5 suddenly morphed into a hellish stretch of blacktop.



At 6:57pm the crowds were demanding blood and advancing upon our small setup. One ruffian, a mixture between Hell’s Angel and French Waiter, charged his way toward the sign up sheet, beer in hand, to announce his intentions. He was here to win.


We later learned his name was Shaun. And he regaled the crowd with tales of 4th of July barbecues and too much alcohol. A cheery fellow, he brought the spirit of the competition to another level once he got behind the black LaMarzocco.


Signups commenced at 7pm exactly. At 6:57pm there was a crowd swarming around the tiny table that held the sign up sheet. These people are serious. Within two minutes the sheet was full and by 7:03pm we were turning people away.

IMG_2513   IMG_2518 IMG_2542 MC for the night was Kyle. Kyle works for Slate and his mere appearance commands attention. Built like a bear, he barreled through the crowds, smile plastered to his face, in the moment before the event. Stepping outside, Kyle bellowed the instructions.

IMG_2559All the regulars showed up. “These are all just coffee nerds who love to get together and talk coffee.” said an event regular. “They just love hanging out.”
IMG_2558IMG_2551IMG_2569IMG_2568The cafe was hot. Bodies were packed in, but no one seemed to mind. The excitement was directed at the far corner of the cafe, where the judges sat.
IMG_2565 The contestants pulled their shots on the other side of the cafe and then walked over to stand before the judges and pour, giving the whole room a good view of the action. IMG_2561 IMG_2562
IMG_2549 For those who found the body heat too unbearable, the outside brought a welcome refreshment; crisp Seattle summer air.IMG_2554

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 4.42.54 PM

3rd: (Kordell) @spro.slinger

2nd (Andrew) @andrew_son_of_wat

1st: (Brian) @b.hernz

Brian recently relocated to the Seattle area and summed up his feelings of his first TNTNW nicely.

“Thank you so much for the event. I met so many awesome people. Feeling a bit more home in Seattle now.”

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who came out! @baratza @baristamagazine were our sponsors for this TNTNW and of course, Slate Coffee for hosting the location!

Until next month, keep pouring!

-EspressoParts Team.

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