TNTNW at Bluebeard Coffee

Just south of Seattle rests the “up and coming” town of Tacoma. Home to Bluebeard Coffee, a coffee shop and roastery. Their cafe is spacious and attendees were able to hang outside or in with their large garage door open.


DJ Elliot Lipp lay’n down vinyls as attendees drank a Pacific Brewing and Malting Company IPA and consumed Paesan Kitchen and Bar Pizza. But once the first round hit, everyone crowded around the bar to get in on the action.




Friends went head to head and the competition was fierce. Thanks to all the friends and coffee competitors that came out.


Congratulations to our winners!

3rd Place goes to Yuri Brizuela of Metronome Coffee in Tacoma.

IMG_6218.JPG2nd Place goes to Rachele Piety of  Valhalla in Tacoma


1st Place goes to Malia of Bluebeard Coffee



Thank you! And we’ll see you next TNTNW! On July 28th we’ll be in Post Falls, ID at DOMA Coffee Company!

Until next time,

Stay Caffeinated!