TNTNW @ Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee Roasters, originally from Vancouver, WA, recently opened up a third location in the North Portland. Baristas piled into the cafe and surrounded an oval shaped bar in the center, outfitted with a copper mod bar.

Mike, the owner of Compass Coffee pulled shots for each competitor. Baristas were given pitchers full of milk and faced back-to-back while they poured their art. Three judges sat at the end of the bar and decided who continued based on symmetry, contrast, fullness and level of difficulty.

Congratulations to our top three winners! 1st Place goes to Sarah Reseburg from Arrow Coffeehouse (on the far right). 2nd place goes to Chris Vasquez from Seven Virtues (on the left). 3rd place goes to Maggie Seewayer from Compass Coffee Roasting. 


Huge thanks to our hosts and sponsors Compass Coffee Roasters, Kalita Japan, Yama Glass, Barista Basics, plus all the good folks in attendance from all over the Pacific Northwest!

On July 13th we’ll be in Portland Oregon at Batdorf and Bronson in Olympia, WA!

Until next time,

Stay Caffeinated