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Photo courtesy of Ben Jones
Brewing with Espresso Parts: Tea; Yama Glass Sitka Tea Pot

It’s time for our first Brewing with EP; Tea edition! Meet the Yama Glass Sitka brewing pot. Yama Glass is known far and wide as a leader in glass manufacturing. Not only do they produce amazing glass coffee brewers but they also create an array of tea brewers, pots, and cups. The Sitka teapot is simple and sleek. The teapot is hand blown from borosilicate glass and the filter lid is made of stainless steel. Any tea will shine in this brewer. Our good friend Ben Jones from Ristretto Roasters recently took the teapot for a spin and had this to say “The mesh screen is small enough to hold back rooibos particles without clogging. Be sure, however, that you have ample cups or a decanter ready because there is no way to halt steep. I’d use these in my cafe.” The Yama Glass Sitka teapot comes in two sizes and is eligible for wholesale pricing.

  • Bring cold filtered water to a boil
  • Remove stainless steel filter lid
  • Pre-heat your vessel with hot water and
  • Add desired amount of tea. This will vary by type of tea used and how strong you like it.
  • Pour hot water over tea-leaves until the desired amount of water is used. Temperature of water varies depending on the type of tea or herbs used.
  • Replace filter lid
  • Allow leaves to steep or flower
  • Decant brewed tea to stop infusion
  • Enjoy!
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Photo courtesy of Ben Jones
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