Espresso Parts Presents #TNTNW at Victrola Coffee

What a night! Our #TNTNW at Victrola Coffee was a fantastic kickoff to the 2015 season! There were baristas as far as the eye could see. Once again we filled our 32 spots in under TEN minutes!!!!! Luckily there was plenty of Jameson Whiskey to go around as well as some most delicious French Vietnamese food from Victrola’s neighbor Stateside. Much love to those two for sponsoring and helping to make the event super radical! And another thanks to Wax Thematique for providing the tunes for everyone to groove to!

Since Victrola is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle they decided on a King of the Hill style competition (more on this below the pics)! Four groups of eight baristas went head to head sudden death style with the top baristas from each group battling out for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd all around. A whole gang of amazing latte art was poured…for real though y’all are amazing!!! See y’all at Ristretto Roasters Nicolai on the 2/26!

The victorious victors:

1: Kyle Dols Morsel & Bean
2: Benjamin Roberts Victrola Coffee
3: Tiff Winters Extracto Coffee

IMG_8595 IMG_8598 IMG_8608 IMG_8611 IMG_8613 IMG_8614 IMG_8623 IMG_8629 IMG_8648 IMG_8656 IMG_8666 IMG_8698

Here’s a cool video of the festivities too!

Lately we’ve been filling up in less than ten minutes and sadly have had to turn baristas away. This makes us really bummed so for the rest of the season we will roll with the King of the Hill format. It’s our hope that by making this switch we’ll be able to accommodate the most amount of baristas! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Panda our Social Media & Community Coordinator panda (at) espressoparts (dot) com.

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