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We had an amazing experience making the annual journey to The SCAA Event! This years event was located in Boston  (across the country for us Espresso Parts folk) and promised to be an epic showing. We were especially excited with the unveiling of the new Espresso Parts display which features many of our greatest core products and the center piece of the display our restored and customize GS Hybrid.

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This year we were showcasing a Custom La Marzocco GS2/GB5 MP designed and fabricated in the Espresso Parts Custom Shop! This beauty features the classic profile of the GS2 teamed with the GB5 Mechanical Paddle group and PID controlled brew boiler and steam boiler. GB5 steam valves with Sproline Vortex and Foam Knife tips. Sproline group screen and screw. Handmade teak side panels and portafilter handles (no CNC machines here!) Body powder coated semi gloss light gray and pearled cream. Brew boiler powder coated matte black. Two layer back panel, pearled cream and high gloss black, honey comb pattern. Finally to top it off we included some tall, Italian designed, chrome legs that go on for days! You may now wipe up the drool from your screen..

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During The Event we were fortunate to sponsor some exciting events one of which was sponsoring the US Aeropress Championships and  judging The Most Innovative Brew Method. We saw some really great methods and it came down to Andy Sprenger and his double filter method versus Dut Goodman’s awesome copper tubing heating system. Andy won not only because the method was innovative but because his coffee scored higher with the sensory judges. He was very happy to receive his custom Triple Brewing Station prize.

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Most Innovative EP-TBS Award-07

Espresso Parts, Dalla Corte and Patrick Burns from Palace Coffee as well as many other awesome people behind the scenes put together the first National Latte Art Exhibition. This is a grassroots effort to bring a latte art competition to the States that will be able to advance an American to the World Latte Art Competition. We’re so happy to report that this was a BIG success! We had some amazing pours and below are the top three Baristas. Big huge thanks to everyone that was involved and to the Baristas that competed. We could not have done it without you!

The top 3:
1st Place – Kenny Smith @sunergoscoffee

2nd Place – Charles Babinski @GandBcoffee

3rd Place – Cabel Tice @thinkingcup

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After show hours we had a wee bit of fun too! We were lucky to team up with the good folks at Voltage Coffee & Art and Barismo to pull together a rocking party for the #BOSTONTNTPARTY!
This was our first TNT we organised outside of our PNW region and we didn’t hold back! With the help of Calen Robinette, this TNT was a huge success to the point that we had to turn people away! We felt really bad about that but at around 7:30 we were at maximum capacity. Mr J. Presto was our MC and he did an amazing job. Lot’s off beer and pizza was consumed, fun was had, the cops were called, and in the end Voltage’s own Katie Gellin took home all that cash! How much cash? Well Espresso Parts sweetened the pot with a $100 bill which brought the total winnings to $420!
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To wrap up our extracurricular events in Boston we were stoked to partner with a Equator Coffee at the South End Buttery Soiree. We were happy to provide our Porcelain Collection for the throw-down portion of the soiree! While watching the latte art being thrown all around we were drinkin’ on some amazing coffee cocktails and munching on some fresh baked goodies. Devorah did an amazing job hosting the event and we look forward to working with Equator Coffee for years to come!
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What an amazing and full week! Thank you so much to all the good folks at the SCAA and BGA for pulling together an amazing event in Boston! It goes without mention that a huge thank you goes out to the City of Boston! We love you!
We truly enjoy meeting with our amazing customers and partners! Next year as The SCAA Event heads to Seattle for a 2 year appointment, including World Coffee Events in 2015, we can look forward to some really exciting happenings at the event and from Espresso Parts! Stay tuned for an epic year from Espresso Parts and we’ll see ya’ll in our neck of woods 2014!
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