Melbourne-2013-WBC-ColourFor the past few months Espresso Parts has been hard at work on a “behind the scenes” project. As part of our Official WBC cup sponsor gig we were asked by Nuova Simonelli to partner up with them on the time-honored WBC cup gift set presented to key volunteers and judges.

Needless to say we were pretty excited to partner with the WCE and Nuova Simonelli in supporting the efforts of the WBC and WrBC. For years we’ve seen these sets, coveted them, and even received 1 or 2. In the past similar sets have contained an espresso cup and a cappuccino cup. We gave this traditional approach some thought and found ourselves inspired by coffee’s social side. We wanted to create an opportunity to share one’s love of coffee and thus our concept for a “Coffee for two” set was born.

2013 WBC Sponsor LogoThe 2013 WBC set contains 2 cappuccino cups and saucers from the EP porcelain collection with custom printing featuring the very cool WCE Melbourne logo and art. We housed the set in a custom gift box designed by Espresso Parts using the colorful and whimsical WCE Melbourne identity and iconery patterns provided by to us for the project by WCE.

How do you get one of these sets? Well if you aren’t headed to Melbourne for the event chances are you are out of luck. However even if you are not a judge or key volunteer or sponsor they’ll be selling additional cups in the merchandise area

WCB Cup Set-01 WCB Cup Set-13 WCB Cup Set-12 WCB Cup Set-11 WCB Cup Set-10 WCB Cup Set-09 WCB Cup Set-08 WCB Cup Set-07 WCB Cup Set-06 WCB Cup Set-05 WCB Cup Set-04 WCB Cup Set-03 WCB Cup Set-02