How to Elevate Your Home Brewing Experience at a Discount

Running a killer espresso bar at home is a dream come true, right? From finding the perfect beans to dialing in that perfect shot, every detail makes a difference. If you are new to this journey or need to enhance your existing setup, it can be overwhelming to navigate through all of the equipment options, especially the price tags. 

This is where refurbished espresso machines and grinders come in. They're a fantastic way to obtain top-notch equipment without blowing your budget. We are proud to provide a selection of refurbished and open-box machines and parts. Each item in our inventory undergoes a rigorous restoration process, ensuring it meets the most stringent quality and performance standards. We make sure each piece lives up to its remarkable design to give you many years of excellent coffee.

Hold on, what exactly is "refurbished"?

Basically, it means this is a machine we completely stand behind. We've inspected it closely and made sure it comes to you humming along ready for duty. Every refurbished product comes with a 1-year warranty and our team of coffee experts is always here to help if you need anything. Some items may have been previously used and may show some signs of wear. This can include scuffs, scratches, minor dents or slightly refurbished parts. Check out our Refurbished Products Guarantee for more information.

Be kind to the planet, save some green!

Beyond the cost savings, opting for refurbished equipment fosters sustainability. By granting these machines a second life, you're helping the planet and reducing waste. It's a small choice with big impact.

Alright, what kind of goodies do you have?

We always have a selection of our top brands and products available. Ascaso, Fiorenzato and Mahlkönig are brands we offer on a regular basis, but the product mix is always evolving. Here are some recent examples. Keep an eye out because these great deals are usually snapped up pretty quickly:

  • Dream a Little Dream: An AscasoDream PID at 15% off! This beginner-friendly machine is perfect for home or office use. It is easy for anyone to set up and operate, and with its compact size it won’t swallow up your whole kitchen. Our favorite part is the retro styled aluminum body that comes in multiple brilliant colors. With $200 in savings,  you can invest in accessories to elevate your coffee experience further. Invest in a set of burrs for your grinder, or even outfit your kitchen with a pile of new tools! Learn more about Ascaso espresso machines from this guide.

  • Step up Your Grind Game: A Fiorenzato AllGround All Purpose Home Coffee Grinder is a treasure in any home because it allows the user to find the perfect size grind for any brewing method. This machine comes with all of the perks of a professional machine, including a touchscreen, noise limiting engineering and revolutionary Dark-T flat burrs that last up to 5 times as long as the typical burr. 

The Bottom Line

Espresso Parts acknowledges the importance of affordability. We strive to provide the tools you need to create a delicious cup of espresso at home without breaking the bank. Investing in durable, long lasting equipment helps you save money down the line as well. Acting as your own barista, you will save yourself from hundreds of trips to buy coffee over the years. (Of course you should never feel bad about supporting your local business owner!) Open box items are always available so check in often to see what is up for grabs.