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The humble cafe coffee cup holds more than just coffee; it's a silent ambassador for your business, fostering familiarity and building brand loyalty. That's why Espresso Parts is committed to offering exceptional customized drinkware that elevates your customer experience and strengthens your brand identity. You have put time and resources into developing a brand personality and mission by carefully crafting your aesthetic, messaging and brand value. Leverage this effort in a very tangible and measurable way with customized drinkware. 

To build the most value for your brand and your bottom line, we recommend a dual action plan:

  1. Use custom coffee cups to serve your customers in your cafe. This adds to your charming atmosphere and creates a memorable experience.
  2. The best part about this two pronged approach is that #1 serves as a natural advertisement for #2! If customers like using your cups in your business, they will like using them everywhere! Your customized coffee cups are great for the home and office, make great gifts and serve as a daily reminder of how much they love your cafe.

Serving with Distinction and a Branded Appeal

Customized coffee cups set you apart from competitors. Create a signature style that reflects your cafe's essence, whether it's modern and minimalist or warm and inviting. We welcome your creativity and will work with you to bring your ideas to life. Customers will look forward to seeing your familiar logo every time they return and may even ask if they are for sale! It’s also free advertising when customers want to document their drink for social media. Word of mouth is as powerful as ever. The people we know and trust are always our favorite influencers.

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  • We have cups you can utilize to create a uniform look throughout your assortment.
  • The easiest way to create the perfect lineup is to build from the offerings we carry from notNeutral and Espresso Parts Porcelain. These premium options boast a variety of colors to match your branding. Espresso Parts Porcelain offers great value, while notNeutral stands out for its distinctive, tailored handle design.
  • Elevate your porcelain collection with some stylish notNeutral Vero glasses, popular for their charm and versatility. These cups add a delightful burst of color and character, perfect for serving cortados and cappuccinos, as well as accompanying espresso with sparkling water.
  • We love our wholesale customers and want to work with you to create the perfect setup for your cafe. Reach out to us for all of the sweet benefits we offer our partners!


Sublime ROI Through Selling Merchandise

It is easy to calculate your ROI for selling customized cups. Let’s look at the numbers first then explore some ideas on how to get there.

Let’s say you invest in 96 customized Diner Coffee Mugs, 48 black and 48 white, as a bulk retail purchase. Black and white custom coffee cups have a universal appeal, but we also have bold colors to choose from.

Cup Cost $582.72 ($6.07 per cup)
Print Fee $153.60 ($1.60 per location, per color)
Setup Fee $70 ($35 per color)
Total Cost $806.32 ($8.40 per cup)


The rest of the math is easy to figure out by plugging in values that make sense for your brand, location and customer base. Let’s say you go for a higher margin:

Retail Price $15 per cup (or $30 per set of 2)
Contribution Margin $6.60 per cup
Total Margin $633.60 (79% return on investment)


Even at a lower price, say $12 per cup, you are still seeing a 43% return.

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Beyond the monetary ROI, you are adding value to your brand by building a lasting connection with your customers and gaining free advertising!

orange espresso cup and sacuer

Custom coffee cups drive additional revenue from their initial sale, the return visits they create and working as a conversation starter. The best question a customer’s friend can ask is “That’s cool, where is that place?” This is your chance to make your brand collectible and top-of-mind. Here are some thoughts:

  • Think about unique messaging and artwork that expresses the voice of your brand.
  • Cups with your logo or a strong brand message can be simple and effective. Customers will display your brand in their home and workplace.
  • These cups also make excellent corporate gifts, are hits at tradeshows and great to have on hand at community events where you are promoting your business. 
  • Seasonal and annual designs are appealing to those who are collection minded.
  • Tie into loyalty programs by rewarding customers with exclusive items like a Carter 12 oz Wide Travel Mug. Offer an incentive for reusing the mug. 
  • You can even give loyalty members a chance to build a set of cups over time when reaching loyalty milestones. This is a fun choice if you plan to offer different colors and sizes!

mint latte cups

What Do We Customize?

  • Demitasse Cups (2oz - 3oz)
  • Macchiato Cups (3oz - 4oz))
  • Cappuccino Cups (5oz-6oz)
  • Latte Cups (8oz-12oz)
  • Diner Mugs (10oz -16oz)
  • Cupping (7.5oz)
  • We can also customize drippers, trays, teapots and more. A full assortment of customizable cups and other products can be found here.
customized 4oz shot glass


How Does The Custom Cups Process Work?

  1. First, choose your product(s) and the quantity. The typical minimum is 120 units.
  2. Choose your colors and print location.
  3. Upload artwork file(s).
  4. Submit a request through this form or email
  5. We provide a digital proof for approval or any necessary changes.
  6. Delivery!

Click here for a more detailed look at the design and ordering process. 

customized black hario server

Customized coffee cups from Espresso Parts serve as powerful brand ambassadors, enhancing the customer experience and boosting recognition for your cafe. Stand out with distinctive, branded cups to create lasting connections and reinforce your identity.

Ready to elevate your cafe's appeal?

Contact us today to customize your coffee cups and start making a statement with every sip.



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