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Brewing with Espresso Parts: Full Immersion Brewing; Hario Copper V60

Copper is the new black! Hario the “King of Glass” took their classic Buono kettle and V60 Dripper gave them a makeover! The kettle features an upgraded elegant brass handle and wooden knob for the lid. The dripper also boasts new copper accents and a stylish handle. Sure they look great on their own but they look even better when used together.

  • Place a Hario 02 filter into the V60
  • Preheat & rinse paper filter with hot water. Dispose of rinse water.
  • Grind them beans. We use a 1:18 ratio when brewing. That’s 1 gram of coffee to 18 grams of water.
  • Add fresh ground coffee to your filter.
  • Pour a small amount of your brewing water (50-75 grams) to the coffee and allow to bloom. Blooming can take anywhere between 30-45 seconds depending on freshness of coffee.
  • Grab your handy dandy Hario gooseneck kettle and pour the remainder of your brewing water onto the coffee bed from the inside out in a circular motion. Make sure to keep a consistent pour and don’t allow any of the grounds to dry out.
  • The full brew should take 3-4 minutes depending on grind setting, coffee freshness, and roast level.
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