Espresso Parts Custom Shop x The Grounds of Alexandria / Build #48

It’s time to take a trip to the farm! Tractors and antique farm equipment served as the inspiration for our latest EP Custom Shop machine for The Grounds of Alexandria. From the custom hand patinaed louvers to the shifter knob steam wands this Synesso Cyncra appears to have been created for hours of work in the field but it was made for hours of work on the counter! This is the 4th piece of equipment we have customized for The Grounds since the opening of their complex in 2012. Their facility has grown to now include the following spaces; Cafe Roastery, Coffee Academy, Bakery / Patisserie, The Garden and The Potting Shed.

EP Custom Shop Build #48, Feb. 2015

  • 2 layer powder coat that we hand patinaed
  • Tractor gear shift steam levers
  • Patinaed brass accents
  • Accent lighting
  • Powder coated steam boiler
  • Custom fabricated body panels with grills and louvers
  • Hand painted pin stripping, logo and artwork by our very talented friends and partners at Forever Powder Coating

It’s always a pleasure to work with Jack Hanna and the crew at The Grounds and we look forward to seeing them grow and prosper more in the future.

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