Build #59


EP Custom Shop Build #59

Home espresso machine alert! Be prepare to be super jealous on this one! This clean white Single Group Slayer was shipped from the EP Custom Shop to our friend Tyler in Tennessee where it will fit perfectly in his home kitchen. (Good luck picking your jaw up off the floor.)


Bone Beige powder coat on the side and back panels and a textured Charcoal powder coat on the X braces help give a minimal look while the Peruvian walnut wood accents help to give the machine warmth.


This little guy is small enough to fit perfectly wherever you may need. But they are also equipped with the same commercial group, portafiler, steam valves, actuators as the big commercial machines. So, if you want a show stopper in your kitchen or maybe even your pop-up cafe. This is it.

So if you want your own EP Custom Shop Machine visit our website or email to get the conversation going.