An Expert Review of the Slayer Steam EP

Slayer’s espresso machines are designed with a quality-first approach, and the Steam EP is no exception. Boasting coveted volumetric features for an efficient bar flow at a value-driven price point, the Steam EP is a trusted espresso machine at coffee shops across the globe.

But is the Steam EP the right espresso machine for your coffee shop?

The Slayer Steam EP espresso machine is known for its high-quality build, reliable espresso features, and barista-approved design. To help you decide if it’s the best choice for your coffee company, we’ve put together this helpful guide and review.

By the end, you’ll know:

  • How the Slayer Steam EP’s ergonomic design contributes to a positive barista workflow
  • Which features help the Slayer Steam EP deliver shot after shot of high-quality espresso
  • How the Slayer Steam EP compares to other Slayer machines (and the competition!)

Let’s take a look.

An Overview of the Slayer Steam EP

The Steam EP is promoted as Slayer’s “total value” espresso machine. The Steam EP delivers powerful espresso extraction features at a reasonable price, making it a desirable espresso machine choice for all types of coffee shops.

From streamlining new barista training to expertly dialing in espresso recipes during a busy rush, the Steam EP’s versatile features ensure top-quality espresso beverages no matter who’s working the bar. Top features include:

  • Independent brew boilers Individual brew boilers with PID temperature control give baristas confidence knowing they never have to worry about espresso or steam temperature fluctuations.
  • Volumetric extraction Program up to four automatic shot recipes per grouphead and let your baristas focus on other tasks like creating lasting customer relationships or preparing the next beverages in the queue.
  • Barista dashboard — The Steam EP comes with an intuitive, user-friendly digital dashboard, empowering baristas to control every element of the machine with the push of a button.
  • Pre-wet phase — Customize espresso recipes with programmable pre-wet extraction phases.
  • Ergonomic design — The Steam EP was designed with baristas in mind. The large, removable drip tray, low profile, and quality materials ensure a safe and pleasant machine experience.

Available Modifications

Like the rest of Slayer’s espresso machine lineup, the Steam EP can be modified to meet the needs of your coffee shop.

Machine Size

Choose from a two- or three-group machine to best accommodate your coffee shop’s anticipated drink volume.


The Steam EP is available in either matte black or anodized aluminum.

Check out the latest prices for available Slayer Steam EP espresso machines.

How Does the Slayer Steam EP Compare?

Slayer espresso machines are known for their durable materials, unparalleled espresso extraction capabilities, and reliable design. But how does the Steam EP stack up to the rest of Slayer’s espresso machine lineup?

Let’s check it out.

Steam EP

Steam LP


Price Range




# of Groupheads





  • Programmable volumetric controls
  • Digital barista dashboard
  • Independent brew boilers
  • Manual and volumetric controls
  • Digital barista controls per grouphead 
  • Variable pressure features
  • 100% manual extraction 
  • Independent boilers
  • Digital shot timers
  • Patented needle valve technology

Best For …

Coffee shops looking for a reliable entry-level machine with volumetric capabilities

High-volume coffee shops planning to use volumetric controls to maintain shot consistency

Coffee shops focused on dialing in espresso through manual features and barista craftsmanship

Overall, the Steam EP is the most affordable commercial espresso machine available from Slayer Espresso. The Steam EP boasts volumetric features similar to the Steam LP and v3 espresso machines, but lacks the ability to manually extract espresso recipes like its counterparts.

If choosing between Slayer espresso machines, the Steam EP is best for those in need of a powerful entry-level machine capable of producing top-notch espresso during both a relaxed weekday and a busy weekend morning rush.

Of course, Slayer isn’t the only commercial espresso machine manufacturer to choose from. Let’s look at how the Slayer Steam EP compares to the competition. 

Slayer Steam EP

La Marzocco Linea PB

Victoria Arduino Eagle One

Price Range




# of Groupheads





  • Programmable volumetric controls
  • Digital barista dashboard
  • Independent brew boilers
  • Dual PID controls for coffee and steam boilers
  • Auto backflush
  • ECO mode
  • Piero group cap flow meters
  • Ruby flow restrictors
  • Semi-Automatic and Volumetric controls
  • NEO heating technology
  • Access to the Victoria Arduino app for recipe sharing and quality control

Best For …

Coffee shops wanting to invest in a long-lasting entry-level volumetric espresso machine

Coffee shops looking for an espresso machine designed to maximize barista efficiency

Coffee shops needing to produce a high volume of espresso while conserving energy 

In comparison to the La Marzocco Linea PB and Victoria Arduino Eagle One, the Slayer Steam EP is an affordable option for new coffee shops in need of an entry-level, yet high-quality, espresso machine. Between the volumetric controls and ergonomic design, the Slayer Steam EP is a reliable investment for every size coffee shop.

Slayer Steam EP: In Review

There’s a reason Slayer espresso machines are beloved by baristas and coffee shop owners alike. The Steam EP’s affordable price coupled with reliable volumetric controls make it a prime choice for coffee shops. Whether you’re opening your first coffee shop or your tenth, you can trust the Slayer Steam EP to deliver quality espresso from day one.

But before you head to checkout, let’s review the pros and cons.



Volumetric controls enable baristas to extract delicious espresso shots while maintaining an efficient bar flow

Limited manual espresso extraction capabilities

Independent boilers deliver consistent temperature stability

Few color or material customization choices

Barista dashboard makes dialing in volumetric programs and manipulating brew variables a breeze

The Steam EP is ideal for coffee shops in need of an espresso machine that delivers:

  • Trustworthy and precise volumetric extraction capabilities
  • Accessible features for entry-level and experienced baristas alike
  • High-quality design and materials for a long-lasting business investment

Ready to add the Slayer Steam EP to your bar? Check out our available Slayer espresso machines.