Espresso Parts Launches FIORENZATO USA To Bring Premium Home And Commercial Espresso Grinders to the USA

Fiorenzato USA

Olympia, WA: Espresso Parts today announced the launch of the new site FIORENZATO-USA.COM supporting sales of Fiorenzato home and commercial espresso grinders in the US.  The site launch marks the beginning of the partnership between these two brands with long-standing history and expertise in the cafe and espresso industries. 

The handcrafted machines made in Venice, Italy are quickly becoming a popular grinder within specialty coffee because of their unique feature benefits and professional-grade components.


“The Fiorenzato brand has a great passion for quality and their latest innovations have really driven their position in the market.  These machines not only deliver great results, but they also look fantastic and that is something that consumers want, quality products with attractive features. We are excited to have such a great partner to grow with“ said Matt Myer, COO of Espresso Parts.


David Ringwood, renowned for his deep industry experience in customization, was also impressed with Fiorenzato, stating “We were immediately impressed with how they were approaching their build process and excited by their dedication to innovation and quality.  They’ve integrated many years of commercial expertise into their technical review process, and we are really excited to partner with them.”  


One of the most exciting benefits behind the Fiorenzato brand is their quality build with professional materials throughout both their home and commercial grinders. All espresso grinders include a 12-Month warranty against defects caused by faulty workmanship and materials. Fiorenzato machines are built to last, look stunning, and are a dream to operate!


FIORENZATO-USA.COM is live now with an initial focus on their top-of-the-line F64 and F83 commercial grinders. In addition, they will feature the exhilarating AllGround domestic grinder with a price point and performance not to be missed.  For more details or to get wholesale information, visit FIORENZATO-USA.COM 

ABOUT ESPRESSO PARTS:   Since 1993, Espresso Parts has supplied cafe owners, baristas, and home brewers the best products and service available. They are a dynamic team with the sole purpose of providing the best customer service experience, period! Recognized as a worldwide leader in specialty coffee Espresso Parts has now joined forces with Fiorenzato Italy to introduce a new brand experience for the United States through FIORENZATO-USA.COM.