Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve seen it before: someone in your life is coffee-obsessed, and you have no idea where to begin shopping for a gift. Don’t worry - the perfect gift awaits at Espresso Parts! From espresso machines to cups to brewing supplies, we’ve got something for every home barista, no matter where they are in their coffee journey. 

With over 30 years of serving the specialty coffee world, we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Here are our top gift recommendations for 2023:

Espresso Machines

For the serious home barista, a home espresso machine is the crown jewel of their gift list. Just imagine an empty counter space turned into a home café slinging espresso all day long! Our picks:

Ascaso Dream PID Espresso Machine

Ascaso Dream PID Espresso Machine.

This funky and compact machine has enough power for the beginner barista or seasoned pro! Equipped with professional features like a 58mm portafilter, no-burn steam wand, and PID temperature control, it’s easy to get the hang of it and brew delicious espresso. With eight color options, there’s something for everyone!

Ascaso Steel DUO PID Espresso Machine

Ascaso Steel DUO PID Espresso Machine.

Unofficially coined “the ultimate espresso machine for the home barista,” the Ascaso Steel DUO is just that! Equipped with two thermoblock heating elements, the DUO allows you to pull a shot and steam milk at the same time, just like in your café. An active cup warmer, dedicated hot water tap, and 58mm portafilters make the Steel DUO feel and perform like a much more expensive machine. 

Cups & Mugs

Fact: good coffee tastes even better out of a quality vessel! Our top choices for home:

notNeutral Vero Glass

Cortado in a notNeutral Vero glass.

For the barista who values aesthetics and functionality, there’s nothing better than the Vero collection. Weighty, geometric, and flat-out stunning, there’s a reason you see them in the best cafés around the world. They’re designed with latte art in mind, and the concave bottom and wide mouth make pouring beautiful designs a breeze. 

Hearth Goods Double Wall Glass Mugs

Coffee poured into a Hearth mug.

Perfect for those who like to sip slowly, these double-walled glass mugs keep beverages warmer for longer. Available in 2.5, 4, 6, and 8-ounce sizes, there's something for every coffee drinker. 

Espresso Parts Porcelain Diner Coffee Mugs
Coffee poured into a grey diner mug.

For drip coffee drinkers, there’s something so satisfying about drinking out of a heavy diner mug. Durable, comfortable, and great at retaining heat, say hello to your new favorite mug. Ask us about custom printing!


The tools we use for pour-over brewing have a direct impact on the quality of the cup. Who doesn’t want an excellent cup of coffee after spending all that time making it? Top-tier pour-over gear:

Hario V60 02 Ceramic Coffee Dripper
Stack of colorful Hario coffee drippers.

These conical pour-over drippers are perfect for coffee professionals and beginner baristas alike. The cone shape lets water flow quickly, allowing for even extractions and faster brew times. The ceramic material is heat resistant, durable, and available in over a dozen colors!

Kalita Wave 185 Coffee Dripper
Kalita Wave coffee dripper on top of glass server.

There’s a reason you see Kalita Wave drippers in almost every coffee shop - they’re the industry standard! The flat bottom allows for a slow flow of water, giving the barista complete control over the final cup of coffee. Available in stainless steel or glass in two different sizes, there’s something for everyone.

Yama Coffee Drip Pot
Yama Coffee Drip Pot sitting on table.

When brewing more than one cup of coffee at a time, nothing comes in handy like a Yama Drip Pot! It includes a metal filter, so paper filters are not necessary. Heat-resistant, shatter-resistant, and available in 20 or 30-ounce sizes. 

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle
Fellow Stagg kettle in stone blue with walnut handle.

It’s called pour-over for a reason - the pour is important! The Fellow Stagg EKG kettle gives the barista precise control over flow rate, stream size, and more. Variable temperature, temperature holding, and fantastic ergonomics make it a comfortable and practical tool you’ll want to use over and over. 

Prosumer Gear

"Prosumer" products walk the line between home and commercial use. These products are so capable that they might inspire you to open your own café!

Ascaso Baby T Plus Espresso Machine
Black Ascaso Baby T espresso machine sitting on a kitchen counter.

Designed to fit commercial power in a compact package, the Bay T Plus is everything you need in a home espresso machine, and then some! Volumetric programming, a powerful steam boiler, and a thermoblock coffee group bring power and consistency while its cup warmer, work lights, and shot timer provide extra comfort and convenience. 

Acaia Coffee Scales
Espresso shot pouring into a cup sitting on top of an Acaia scale.

Acaia scales aren’t just scales - they’re works of art designed to elevate the coffee experience. Packed full of features, durable, and app-compatible, they’ll keep you brewing precisely for years to come. 

Fiorenzato AllGround All Purpose Home Grinder
Hands adjusting the AllGround Home Grinder.

This compact grinder fits perfectly underneath kitchen cabinets and grinds for espresso, filter coffee, moka pot, and more. With an easy-to-use touchscreen and 64mm flat burrs, you'll be grinding like a pro in no time.

Pietro Manual Coffee Grinder
Pietro Hand Grinder being opened.

A first-of-its-kind hand grinder, Pietro features 58mm vertical flat burrs that churn through coffee. Its beautiful design and build quality will turn heads, and its consistency will have you coming back for another cup. 

Wrapping Up

We know that choosing equipment can be a daunting task, so let us help you make the best decision for your business. Questions about equipping your cafe? Contact us today. Espresso Parts has the industry know-how to help you brew the best coffee possible.