Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Maverick 2 Group Gravimetric Espresso Machine - White

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The Black Eagle Maverick Gravimetric Espresso Machine is where innovation, precision, and style converge. Designed for discerning professional baristas, this machine combines cutting-edge technology with an elegant design to elevate your espresso experience. Featuring T3 Genius Technology for meticulous control over three brewing temperatures, in addition to PureBrew Technology for enhanced flavor extraction and seamless switching between espresso and filter brews, and Gravimetric Technology with built-in scales for precise weighing and unparalleled consistency. Crafted with sleek design and durable materials, it’s not just a machine – it’s a statement of excellence. Easy operation and customizable settings ensure each cup meets your exacting standards.

Retaining its elegant heritage, the Black Eagle Maverick showcases a fresh, contemporary design with a classic Black Eagle motif, making it a standout sustainable coffee machine.


  • Gravimetric Technology: Ensures consistency and control by displaying coffee weight directly on the Group display and allowing precise extraction to stop at the desired weight.
  • T3 Genius Technology: Provides meticulous precision with three different brewing temperatures, integrating the most advanced Nuova Simonelli technology while remaining user-friendly and sustainable.
  • PureBrew Technology: Revolutionary three-phase extraction using pulsating water pressure for optimal flavor, adjusting to bean freshness, region, and type, with versatile low-pressure extraction for unique coffee profiles. An ingenious algorithm calculates water pulse rates for optimal extraction. Three phases ensure perfect results:
                           Phase 1: Pre-infusion for coffee puck saturation.
                           Phase 2: High-pressure infusion for full flavor extraction.
                           Phase 3: Post-infusion to minimize negative compound extraction.
  • PureBrew Coffee Filter: The PureBrew Coffee Filter is a conical basket with a micro-thin double mesh that holds up to 20 grams of coffee, allowing for easy switching between espresso and filter coffee at the touch of a button. The machine automatically adjusts strength, flavor, and temperature controls, while baristas can customize recipes by changing the volume and timing for any PureBrew phase.
  • Efficiency and Sustainability: 37% reduced energy usage, enhanced electronics for precise heating, minimized materials in Group heads and boilers, a Thermal Energy Recovery System for water pre-heating, and energy recovery from motor cooling, pump, and drip tray.
  • Elegant Design: The Black Eagle Maverick combines functionality with a sleek, modern look, crafted from high-quality materials for durability and style in any café setting.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive controls for all skill levels, offering real-time feedback and customizable settings for the perfect brew.

Enhanced Features:

  • On/off PureBrew technology function for easy management.
  • Quick heating for increased productivity.
  • Higher pressure steam for drier, higher quality steam.
  • Improved steam wand for creamy, stable milk foam.
  • Steam by Wire with three pressure settings for efficiency.
  • Compact design with a lower profile for better engagement.
  • Intuitive touchscreen display for easy customization.
  • Victoria Arduino porta-filter with improved ergonomics and design.

Experience the next level of espresso-making with the Nuova Simonelli Black Eagle Maverick Volumetric Espresso Machine – where innovation meets excellence, one perfect cup at a time.

About The Brand

Victoria Arduino espresso machines emerged during a period of significant cultural, social, and industrial transformation. Pier Teresio Arduino, originally a retail clerk, recognized the need for espresso machines. Inspired by the steam from locomotives during his military service, he meticulously designed a revolutionary boiler in 1905, transforming espresso extraction. Renowned for their elegance and speed, Victoria Arduino machines have carved out a unique place in the market, providing baristas worldwide with the tools to create coffee art.

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