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Torr Toys Crystal Clear Glass Hopper

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Hand blown crystal clear glass hopper with full metal Inox glass adapter of your choice to be used with Mahlkonig, Mazzer, Macap, Compak and Elektra grinders and models. Hand-polished high gloss finish adapter and lid. Glass mounted with food grade silicone.

Hand blown in the traditional style by experienced craftsmen, these glass hoppers from Torr Toys are each unique, and of the highest quality. Nothing mass produced can even come close to the attention and skill put into each individual hopper. Using glass hoppers ensures that no additional odors or tastes will be introduced to your coffee by means of prolonged exposure or chemical reaction, as can happen with plastic hoppers. Also, since glass is easier to clean, you can use the same glass hopper for years and maintain the same level of cleanliness and hygiene as the day you started.

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  • Weight: approx. 1800-2000 gr    

  • Size: ø 158mm - height approx. 180mm - +/- 5mm

  • Available for the Mahlkonig, Mazzer, Macap, Compak and Elektra grinders

Find the correct adapter for your grinder. 

Why Glass? What makes a Glass Hopper so special?

  • Glass is odorless and tasteless

  • It does not react chemically and therefore it will not change the taste and aroma of the coffee

  • It's easier to clean and therefore more hygienic than plastics

  • Glass is very durable and has the same quality after years of use

  • It looks beautiful and feels great

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