PUQpress Mini Automatic Tamper - Matte Black

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Color: Matte Black

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The PUQpress Mini is the perfect addition to your home espresso setup helping you to recreate your favorite barista-level coffee drinks. This electronic tamper is easy to use and gives you a consistent tamp with every espresso shot. Your friends and family will be amazed at your velvety coffee-making skills.

Mini Features

The Mini Gen 5 takes out all those hours of practicing the perfect tamp in order to get the best coffee at home. It's made of a super tough frame so all your tamps are 100% flat. It also has a small footprint at 8.6" high and 4.9" deep so its clears cupboards and fits easily next to your home espresso machine.

  • Tamps are perfectly flat every time.
  • Auto adjusts pressure to your dose: you can customize between 20-60 lbs so your shots go from bitter to rich.
  • Cleaning button: piston extends so you can clean coffee ground residue easily.
  • Compatible with all filter types.

Pro Tip: To keep your Mini healthy it is recommended that you clean the piston daily with a cloth.

Additional sizes are available upon request.

About The Brand

PUQpress was created as an ergonomic barista tool and happens to also increase workflow. Baristas tamp coffee hundreds of times a day and it can be very damaging on their shoulders and wrists but a PUQpress automatic tamper helps to eliminate sore arms after a day behind the bar. PUQpress is the first automatic precision coffee tamper and is designed to work with your favorite grinders such as Mahlkönig, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, and more!

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