Mahlkönig E65S GBW Commercial Espresso Grinder - White

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The E65S Grind-by-Weight is equipped with an integrated high-precision load cell that weighs the grounds 6000 times per second during the grinding process. This is unmatched control that's fast, absolutely precise, and consistent weight-based grinding.

E65S GbW Features

The motor is designed to hand high workloads. Its equipped with groundbreaking temperature control that creates airflow intake that cools down the motor continuously. This helps to prevent your espresso beans from suffering any possible influences that could have a negative effect on rising temperatures. Even under heavy-duty laboratory tests, where the E65S GbW was used to grind 100 shots straight, the temperature of the coffee never reached the 50-degree mark.

  • Patented Disc Distance Detection enables accurate settings of the degree of fineness.
  • Adjustable illuminated spout provides a clean and centered coffee outlet.
  • An active cooling system maintains low grinding temperatures.
  • High-resolution display with a wide viewing angle.

About The Brand

Mahlkönig is hands down our most popular brand of grinders at Espresso Parts. Often regarded as the "King of Grinders," Mahlkönig grinders are built to last. Baristas around the world can attest to their durability and consistency, which is why Mahlkönig grinders can be spotted in some of the most elite cafes around. Designed and manufactured by hand in Denmark, Mahlkönig continues to innovate in order to contribute to the highest coffee enjoyment.

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