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BUNN WAVE Combo Low Profile Coffee Brewer

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The SmartWAVE low-profile wide base brewer can brew both tea and coffee. It also has adjustable legs giving you an assortment of different server options to brew into. This brewer is perfect for cafés, restaurants, bistros, bakeries, and conveniences stores.

WAVE Combo Features

The WAVE uses a BUNN exclusive brewing technology that increases turbulence in the funnel for uniformity of extraction.

  • SplashGard tea and coffee funnels (included) deflect hot liquids away from the hand.
  • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.
  • Ensures coffee brew quality with cold brew lock-out capability.
  • SmartWAVE technology increases turbulence in the brew funnel.
  • Utilize the same LED read-out for brewer status (Ready, Heating, Brewing).
  • Iced Tea: 35oz concentrate, 90oz dilution.
  • BrewMETER allows automatic programming for pulse routine.
  • Brews into 1.9L thermal carafe using the slide-out booster tray.
  • Adjustable legs accommodate 3.0L lever action and 2.5L push button BUNN airpots and thermal servers.

*server not included but can be purchased here.

About The Brand

Bunn is a well-recognized brand in the coffee industry, and most abundant in your local grocery stores. Their grinders are precise and easy to use, even for the average consumer who grinds their own coffee on a shopping trip with children in tow. Their assortment of batch brew coffee machines, commercial coffee grinders, and airpots, are well trusted for their delivery of high-quality in every cup.

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