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This machine was sourced, restored, and modified vintage La Marzocco GS with Mechanical Paddle groups and NOS components for COFFEE at Bondi Beach, Australia. The machine is an extremely popular vintage platform. The EP Custom Shop has worked on several custom projects using the GS and GS2 platforms over the years but they get increasingly more difficult to find. This was an epic project. The rebuild is a perfect complement to the appealing ascetic of COFFEE in Australia. We're humbled to have worked with COFFEE and we highly recommend a visit next time you're in Sydney.

Modifications and Adjustments:

  • The safety devices on the boilers have been updated and replaced the original mechanical thermostat with PID heating controls.
  • New steam wand mounts and replaced the original wands with current production GS3/Strada style that allowed for current style LM steam tips or aftermarket tips like the foam knife. 
  • Modified the steam tubing so that we could utilize the original steam valves and keep as much of the original profile as possible.
  • An accumulator tank was added and an adjustable pressure regulator for preset variable preinfusion pressure. 
  • Added 0.6 mm restrictor jets to the group inlet tubing.

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