Yama Glass Coffee and Tea Brewers by Espresso Parts

Yama Glass has specialized in hand-blown glass coffee brewers and tea equipment since 1978. Located in Taiwan, the Yama Glass factory specializes in beautiful hand-blown glass that is tempered and heat resistant. There are only a few hand-blown glass factories left in the world. Yama Glass is both the largest and also an environmentally friendly factory certified as a “superior manufacturer,” conforming to environmental protection processes. Yama exports glass vacuum or siphon coffee pots, cold brew towers and glass tea pots and tea cups to the United States. Espresso Parts is proud to be a partner with Yama and shares their dedication to sustainability and the environment.

Silverton Coffee/Tea Dripper with Stainless Cone Filter

From time immemorial, coffee breaks have been a sacred event. Always a moment to celebrate and savor, whether it is the dawn of another day, or friends in for coffee and dessert, or a well deserved break at work. It may seem hard to believe that our coffee moments can be an even better event, but in fact, Aisian culture and Yama have made coffee breaks exquisitely better. Take your favorite part of the day and add fuller flavor coffee thanks to science and on top of that add art! That's right, the art of coffee, brought to you by Yama.

The Yama Silverton Brewer with its beautiful wood base and metal accents is a show stopper, and you are going to want to display this beautiful coffee fixture as the centerpiece of your dining table. Choose between a brown wood base with copper accents or a dark wood base with stainless accents. Either way, you are going to be the envy of the neighborhood. As important as beauty is to the Asian culture, so too is flavor. While it is called a pour-over brewer, it is really a combination pour-over and immersion.

Put your ground coffee in the funnel shaped dripper, while the valve is shut. Allow the grounds to steep for 3-4 minutes, then open the knob to let the coffee flow into the pot. You have just combined function and art to brew an amazing full bodied cup of coffee. We haven't even told you the best part yet: you can use your Yama Silverton Brewer to make cold brew as well, its a two-fer! Espresso Parts is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Yama Glass coffee equipment.

Yama Cold Brew Towers

Cold brew coffee is relatively new to the U.S. While the U.S. has only been enjoying cold brew coffee for about the last 10 years, cold brew has been popular in Japan since the early 1600’s. The Japanese refer to it as Kyoto style coffee and over the centuries have perfected science, function and art to create the perfect cold brew coffee.

Cold brewing utilizes a slow (8-12 hour) room temperature or cold water coffee infusion to produce flavors not normally obtainable with traditional methods. Although the process requires more than a little patience, the result is rich brew with little to no detectable acidity and therefore a naturally sweeter taste profile.

There are four parts to the Yama Cold Brew Tower. The top glass bowl chamber is for your ice and water mixture, next down from the top is the coffee chamber which requires a medium to medium fine grind. Beneath the coffee grind chamber is the spiral glass drip siphon, and the very bottom is the coffee server. Set your drip rate to 30 drips per minute.

Science and art come together with the Yama Cold Brew Tower to create the sweetest coffee drink you have ever tasted. Espresso Parts carries Yama Cold Brew Towers along with filters and parts to keep your Yama Tower brewing. For more information or to purchase, click here.

Yama Glass Siphon Tower

Siphon coffee brewers, sometimes referred to as vacuum brewers, have been around since the 1830’s. The first commercial patent for a siphon coffee maker was a French woman, Mademoiselle Vassieux in Lyons France in the 1840’s.

A vacuum coffee maker works on the principle of expansion and contraction of gases and is made up of several parts: the bottom container for where the water initially sits and the coffee eventually rests, and a top container that has a siphon tube attached to it. Heat is applied to the lower container and as it heats up, some of the water is converted to a water vapor. The water vapor continues to expand and pushes the water up the siphon tube into the top container saturating the coffee grounds. Once the brewing is complete, the heat source is removed, the gas contracts and it starts to pull the brewed coffee back down through the filter back into the original water chamber. The process is both beautiful, aromatic and creates one superb cup of coffee!

Espresso Parts carries different sizes and types of Yama Glass Siphon coffee brewers. Depending on your needs, commercial or home, we have the Yama Siphon Brewer for you. To view our inventory click here.

Yama Glass Teapot with Infuser (32oz)

Brewing the perfect cup of tea can only be accomplished with the perfect tea pot. Glass tea pots are superior to other tea pots as glass, unlike other materials used to make tea pots, is odorless and imparts no material flavor to the tea. Add to that the beauty of a clear glass tea pot and you have found the perfect tea pot for brewing tea. Yama Glass specializes in quality, tempered, heat resistant glass teapots and tea cups.

Yama Glass makes a variety of styles of glass teapots, including those with infusers built in, glass teapots with drippers and the perfect glass teaposts for blooming or flowering tea. Browse the beautiful collection of Yama Glass Teapots here.

Espresso Parts is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Yama Glass coffee equipment, tea pots, tea cups and parts. For questions about our wholesale program or shipping policies, call Espresso Parts at: 800-459-5594 or contact us at info@espressoparts.com