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Rancilio has been playing a pivotal role in the espresso machine business since 1927. This Italian-based company is a proud Italian espresso coffee ambassador to coffee drinkers around the globe. The brand takes pride in “Coffeeing the World,” and they take their responsibilities seriously.


The company had modest beginnings, starting with La Regina – Roberto Rancilio’s first coffee machine. Eleven years later, Rancilio was submitting his first patent, which enhanced product maintenance and technology in his machines. Within another eleven years, he developed the Fortuna -- the first lever coffee maker. The company continued to expand and develop new products over the next several decades, under the management of founder Rancilio’s three sons.

In 1973, Rancilio added coffee grinders to their product line. By 1980, the rest of the world began to take notice, as the company’s machines entered the international market. A combination of productivity and aesthetic beauty distinguished the Rancilio coffee machines.

The 1980’s were a busy decade for the company, marked by great diversification in their product range. In 1982, Rancilio evolved into a joint-stock company, while still being managed by two of Roberto’s sons. Four years later, the innovative company expanded into the home market with the Miss Rancilio series.


In 1996, a third generation of Rancilio’s took over, and successfully moved the company forward into the new millennium. Rancilio developed several flagship products – Classe 10, Classe 8 and Classe 6. And by 2004, they took a small stake in Egro Coffee Systems of Switzerland. Rancilio LAB was birthed in 2007, augmenting the development of espresso coffee preparation through technology. The incorporation of USB technology in the Classe 10 was a welcome boon for baristas, allowing a plethora of personalized settings. By 2008, Rancilio’s Egro Coffee Systems stake became a majority holding.

Soon after, Classe 9 and Classe 7 were added to their flagship product line, and the KRYO 65 was developed – the first grinder-doser to feature an exclusive cooling system for the grinding chamber. During the first two decades of the 21st century, Rancilio has continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Today, it’s recognized as a premiere, award-winning espresso coffee machine manufacturer.


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