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The unique flat-bottom, three-hole design of the Kalita Wave drippers is the secret to what makes Kalita pour-over coffee superior to other manual brewing methods. Kalita pour-over equipment has been a favorite in Japan for quite a while, but has only recently been introduced to U.S. coffee drinkers. American coffee drinkers agree with the coffee drinkers in Japan that Kalita pour-over coffee equipment brews fantastic cups of coffee.

The Kalita Wave Series includes their Wave Drippers and the the all in one brewer.

The flat bottom design of the Kalita Drippers is engineered to provide even extraction from your grind. The wave shape of the Kalita pour-over coffee dripper is designed to insulate the slurry so it does not lose heat. Offered in ceramic, steel or glass, the testament to how well this designs works is in the flavor of the coffee Kalita equipment brews.

Convenience, form and function come together in the Kalita Wave Style 185 Glass Brewer. The flat bottom wave dripper is made from stainless steel and drips directly into the carafe. The wave shape of the dripper insulates the brew mass so it doesn’t lose heat.

The Kalita Wave Style Brewer combines the versatile, balanced brews of the Kalita Wave with the elegance and convenience of an integrated glass server. A glass Wave dripper sits on a steel wire cradle to ensure proper airflow, while the coffee goes straight into a glass carafe with a white polypropylene band. This makes brewing and serving coffee a simple and easy experience.

It does not matter if you pour your water slow and steady or if you use the pulse method, you are always going to get an excellent tasting cup of coffee with the full range of Kalita's Wave Designed drippers.

Designed as the perfect fit for the Kalita Wave Brewers, the Kalita Glass server is perfect for decanting your freshly brewed coffee. The Kalita Wave Glass server is made from quality, heat resistant glass, tempered for perfect heat conductivity, these glass servers are made for gas and electric range burners. Available in a 500 ML size, the server comes with a black lid. Kalita's Glass coffee server is obviously a perfect fit for the Wave dripper, but you will find that they are also compatible with most other coffee drippers. For that perfect cup of coffee, this is the server you want.

The perfect cup of coffee is dependent on the pour. The Kalita Kettles are designed to make that perfect pour happen for you. The perfectly angled spout and the ergonamic handle create perfect symmetry to help you pour perfectly over the filter for the best coffee you have ever tasted. Made from high quality stainless steel or hammered copper for perfect heat conductivity, Kalita Kettles are as beautiful to look at as they are functional! Available in Heavy Gauge Steel or stunning hammered Copper.

The high grade metal looks beautiful, but is sturdy and designed to work with your gas or electric stovetops. The spout's swan neck is designed for perfect pour and directional control. The Stainless Steel Wave pot's handle is made from beautifully carved wood designed for comfort in your hand. The handle easily removes allowing the pot to be put in the dishwasher.

You are going to love this kettle.


Kalita Manual Brewing with the Kalita Expressions series of drippers and brewers brings the Kalita three-hole approach to the classic, straight-sided pourover cone design. Kalita has taken a genius approach to the classic wedge design by adding ridges on the inside of the dripper that go all the way up to the top. This design along with the 3 holes lined up at the bottom help to keep extraction even througout the grinds.

The Kalita 102 cone, in combination with the Kalita 102 filters, makes it easy to brew clean, bright, flavorful cups of coffee. These drippers and brewers known as the "Kalita Expressions" series are available in copper or white ceramic and are every bit as beautiful to look at, as they are genius in functionality.

Part of the secret to the best cup of coffee made from Kalita coffee equipment is the filter which is designed specifically for the Kalita drippers. More importantly, the Kalita filter is so thin that many find it is not necessary to pre-rinse the filter to remove any paper taste.

The thin design of the filter combined with the wave design of the dripper means even without a pre-rinse that no filter taste is transferred to the coffee.

Espresso Parts carries both the 185 Kalita Wave filter and the Kalita 103 filter to fit most coffee makers with a 3-filter cone. 


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