Espresso Parts Porcelain Cups are made from the highest quality porcelain and are denser and more durable than traditional ceramic and stoneware. Our cups & mugs have been specifically designed to meet all the requirements and guidelines of Barista Competition wares.

The finish on Espresso Parts cups is absolutely amazing. Plus they resist stains and chipping and will endure the rough and tumble environments found in cafes and espresso bars. Be assured, we wouldn't put our name on them if they were not the best option available. Great for commercial or home use. Sold in sets of 2. Our porcelain cups & mugs are world renowned. 

Each style is dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and made of heavy duty porcelain.

Our cafe style cups have a classic feel, with a wider, rounded form rather than the depth of a traditional mug. This cup is second to none for pouring latte art, as the wide mouth and rounded edges allow baristas to hold them more naturally in the hand while getting the pitcher deep into the cup for precision pours and excellent control. Our cafe style coffee cups are available in blue, brown, gray, orange, yellow, black, and white.

Our diner style mugs are the traditional, sturdy mug you would expect to see in a diner. They come in Brown, Black, or White, with Grey and Blue options. Each mug is a hefty 17oz before adding any coffee, and can sustain more intense levels of use than our other styles, making it the most durable coffee mug we offer.

 Every style is available for wholesale, and customizable.