Mazzer Super Jolly Espresso Grinder Burrs - 33D

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Comes in a factory sealed bag. Also available: after-market (less expensive) version. The Super Jolly has also been called the "Normale", and is often incorrectly referred to as the "Brevetto" (Italian for Patent). "Super Jolly Man" means "Manual", as opposed to the "Super Jolly Aut", which means "Automatic".


  • external ø 64 mm - internal ø 37 mm
  • thickness 8.4 mm - 3 mounting holes


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Manufacturer Mazzer

5.00 Average

5 Reviews

Bill Deutsch

Eezy breezy

Jessica Cox

Perfect as always

Jessica Cox

Perfect as always

Sara & Joshua

Easy replacement - excellent OEM product!


Upon a recommendation from a forum post on, I purchased this burr set for my Mazzer Mini Electronic Type A. Even though this burr set is designed for the 350 watt motor in the Super Jolly and the Mini E only has a 250 watt motor, using this burr set is perfectly suitable for low duty cycle home use. These burrs are a perfect drop-in replacement for the Mini E burrs. After replacing the burrs, the grinding time nearly halved, from about 20 seconds for an 18 gram espresso shot down to 11 seconds. The grinder doesn't clump as much either and produces a considerably more fluffy grind. I can say that it is almost like buying an entirely new grinder, it takes two of the biggest issues with the Mini E and eliminates them. Please note that if you plan on using this burr set in a commercial environment with a Mini E, it may over stress the motor and isn't recommended. One small thing, after installing this burr set, My Mini E is considerably more sensitive to stalling If the grinder is adjusted finer. To prevent this from happening, simply ensure that the grinder is running while adjusting for a finer grind.