Mazzer Mini E Grinder Burrs

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Mazzer part 189D. 64 x 37 x 8.4mm, three hole with a right hand rotation. For the Mazzer Mini Electronic. NOT FOR THE MINI MAZZER DOSER VERSION.

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Manufacturer Mazzer

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Since I had disassembled the grinder for cleaning numerous times, installation of the new burrs was relatively easy. I think it's important to get things very clean before installing the new burrs. Since there was a bit more play than I expected while the screws were still loose, I tightened them just a little at a time, working my way around repeatedly. For the lower burr, a screwdriver held the rotor in place for tightening. At the start of the dial-in process, I was taken by surprise at how far the new "sweet spot" turned out to be from the previous one. In fact, my first try was too fine to the point that nothing came out. Now that I'm dialed in, I'm a good "number" (36°) away from the old setting, in the course direction. Finally, I am very pleased with the performance of the new burrs.