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3 Liter Airpot Draw Tube
Fetco L4D/L4S-10 Dispenser Funnel Assembly with Lid
Fetco L3D/L3S-10 Dispenser Funnel Assembly
Fetco Faucet Assembly Complete
Fetco L3D-10 Cover Assembly with Lock and Plug
Fetco L3D/L3S 10 Dispenser Cover Lock
Fetco Faucet Seat Cup - Large
Fetco L3D/L3S-15 Dispenser Funnel Assembly
3.8 Liter Airpot Draw Tube - Longer Version
fetco 1.9 liter stainless steel server
Fetco L3D/L3S 15/20 Dispenser Cover Lock
Fetco Luxus Dispenser Drip Tray (Special Order Item)
Fetco Luxus Faucet Body Only (Special Order Item)
Fetco LD/LS Knob Assembly (Special Order Item)
Fetco 1.9 Liter Server Lid
Fetco LD/LS Spigot Handle - Orange

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