TNTNW at Royal Drummer

To kick off Royal Drummer’s grand opening, Seattle baristas gathered to show their skills at the new coffee shop in Ballard.

20160428-IMG_0608Everyone was packed around the wrap around bar as Rowan, a competing barista, handed out endless beer. Pilsner or IPA?

At the other end of the bar was Royal Drummers Synesso MVP Hydra in royal blue where Baristas were going head to head sling’n pours.

Royal Drummer Cafe has an elevated kitchen to the right of the bar.20160428-IMG_0620.jpg Their menu menu changes monthly and everyone attended was able to taste some of this months sweet and savory treats.


DJ Dishpit was lay’n down tracks during the whole event. 32 baristas came out and 5 rounds. Congratulations to our top 3 Baristas!


20160428-IMG_0664.jpgIn 3rd Place Nathan Black. Nathan hasn’t poured in 6 months but previously worked in specialty coffee for over 10 years.

20160428-IMG_0677.jpgIn 2nd Place Schroeder Hsieh who started the brand milkglider.

20160428-IMG_0670And your 1st place winner is Kyle Dols of Empire Espresso and Mavam Machines.

Come out for the next TNTNW at Olympia Coffee Roasters in Olympia WA on May 26th.