TNTNW at DOMA Coffee Roasting Co.

East of Spokane, across the Washington border of Idaho is DOMA Coffee Roasting Company. An unexpected gem off of the highway full of funky creative graphics, letterpress machines and of course… coffee!

Baristas and coffee professionals from Oregon, Washington, and even some Midwesterners gathered to hang out, have a drink and pour steamed milk into gorgeous designs.

Unlike most events, this competition happened within DOMA’s coffee lab. Baristas were able to pick between several different espresso machines to steam their milk and came before the judges to pour.

The competition was fierce. Congratulations to our top 3 winners.

Third place goes to Daniel Guner of Evans Brothers Coffee


Second place winner is Reid Voolsey of Grumpy Monkey Coffee


First place Winner goes to Joey Ozol of Doma and Vault Coffee


Thank you! And we’ll see you next TNTNW! On August 18th we’ll be in Portland, OR at Deadstock Coffee!

Until next time,

Stay Caffeinated!

Massive thanks to Doma Coffee Roasting Company for hosting and our sponsors Smith Brothers Farms, Barista Magazine Acaia coffee scale,Baratza, Fresh Cup Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Roast Magazine, Yama Glass and Kalita.