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We have a vintage La Marzocco GS2  2 Group espresso machine up for sale right now. There are a few interested parties but nothing solid yet and you still have time to take a crack at it.

This vintage LM GS2 has had a complete cosmetic restoration from the ground up… PID temperature control has been added, all the safety components have been completely updated, and it has a brand new wiring harness to boot. GS2 mechanical paddle OG style. Original serial # 11317.

Interested??? Email our customer service folks at and we’ll put you in touch with the right folks.

Note: This espresso machine can be customized to customer specifications from here, cosmetics or mechanics, or as is ready to be shipped out and put to work!

La Marzocco GS2, 2 group, mechanical paddle (original MP)

220 VAC, single phase, 2 wire + ground, 20 amp
Completely restored (new powder coat, chrome)
PID controlled brew boiler
Complete safety component upgrade
Custom made high temp wire harness
Engraved glass side panels
1/4 turn ceramic-sealing steam valves

As is pricing, $14,000
This includes:
machine (obviously)
new motor and pump head
new LM portafilters and baskets
water filter kit (cartridge and mounting head)
tamper in walnut or bamboo, flat or convex base, GS2 logo engraved on handle
2 sets of group pm service parts (gasket, screen and screw)
stainless steel braided water lines (2)
flexible drain line

Shipping is not included

Custom equipment