Brewing With Espresso Parts: Hermiston Brewer

Espresso Parts is bringing affordable, metal-filtered pour over coffee to the masses!  The star of the show with the Yama Hermiston is the flat bottom stainless steel filter. On the inside of the filter you have a fine mesh that will keep sediment to a low and larger mesh on the outside that allows liquid to pass through easily. What you end up with is a cup that’s between a French Press and paper filtered pour over. You’ll never have to buy paper filters again! If you somehow lose your filter don’t fret, we sell replacements!

  • Preheat & rinse filter the same way you would a paper filter
  • Grind your desired amount of coffee (we use a ratio of 1:18 as a starting point)
    to a medium coarseness.
  • Add ground coffee to your filterProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
  • Bloom
  • Pour from the inside of the coffee bed and work your way out slowly
  • Full brew should take 2:30 to 3:15 depending on grind and coffee

We encourage you to explore different pouring methods, grind settings and ratios. Try using half water and half ice for a Japanese style cold brew!

Have a nice coffee time.

Our customer service representatives are here to help with your order. They can be reached at 8004595594, or Live Chat on our site. Don’t forget to ask about wholesale pricing and the BGA discount.

Thanks to Dillanos Coffee Roasters for letting us use their delicious coffee and their beautiful cupping lab.

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