Listen up, coffee folks. You are special. You are beautiful & unique snowflakes.

We know you want a tamp that is special just like you! Espresso Parts offers a bevy of custom options. We’ve done pistol grips, shop logos, and custom art on handles. The base of the tamp is also customizable. The only real restrictions we have are your imagination and real estate on the tamp. If you’d like your tamp to be as good looking as you are, email for a custom quote. In the meantime check out these tamps we’ve made for customers in Russia, Japan, and the U.S.A.

Custom Tamp Project Showcase
Step into our time machine and check out some of the custom tamp projects we’ve worked on.
Soyuz Coffee Roasting – St. Petersburg, Russia

Project Date: 09/2013
Soyuz came to us wanting something really special to present to their visiting International Barista champions during the Specialty Coffee Show in Red Square.

We designed this tamper from the ground up using their logo and stylings. The only requirement we had was that they we used their logo and engrave each tamper with each individual barista’s first and last name. We started with a stylized grip pattern adorned with Soyuz styled boxes containing the first name on the front and last name on the back. We then engraved the SCR logo mark on the tamper tops, followed by laser marking the tamper base with “Soyuz Coffee Roasting” and the Soyuz mark between each word, and fitted it with a brass bezel. Lots of work but one of the funnest and most unique tamper projects we have ever been asked to design and work on.


Streamer Coffee Company – Tokyo, Japan

Project Date: 09/2010
On this project we anodized aluminum handles in black and laser etched a logo on the top and a full wrap combination of stripes with Streamer Coffee’s logotype on the front and Espresso Parts logotype fitted within the stripes on the back. This tamper was also fitted with a high polish brass bezel for added bling.


#TNTJP 2013 @ Streamer Coffee Co. – Tokyo, Japan

Project Date: 09/2013
These Espresso Parts EP5 handles were laser engraved with a triple panel wrap around design branded with a logo for each sponsor and a custom #TNTJP 2013 logo design. All the design work for this project besides the Hirsohi and Streamer logo were executed by Espresso Parts. After these tampers are engraved we darken the engravings and re-polish and wax each handle. These gorgeous tampers were presented to the top 3 TNT finalists.


Counter Culture Tamp – Atlanta, GA

Project Date: 02/2011
High polished stainless steel tamp handle with laser marked branding on the side and top and a high polish brass bezel separating the handle and base.

Counter_Culture_Custom_EC_2 Counter_Culture_Custom_EC_1

Intelligentsia Coffee (Intellivenice) – Venice Beach, CA

Project Date: 09/2009
Intelligentsia Coffee commissioned Espresso Parts to create some unique tamps for their staff to commemorate the opening of the Intelligentsia Venice Beach shop.

For this project we powder coated each stainless steel handle first in orange and then again in black. Next we hand “distressed” each handle individually so that parts of the black coat was worn away just enough to let the orange and even parts of the metal handle showed through creating a one of a kind piece while displaying the group’s cohesiveness as a team. From there we engraved each base with the owner’s choice of name/nickname.


Intelligentsia Coffee Black Cat Project – Los Angeles, CA

Project Date: 2009-2012
Intelligentsia approached us to produce a trimmed down version of the staff BCP tamps for Resale. We took stock anodized aluminum handles, laser marked the BCP logo on top and slapped it all together with a shiny brass bezel and stainless steel piston.


Do you see a customized tamper in your future?

If you would like to inquire about a custom tamper or custom tamp design for your company please contact our customer service team and we’ll get you started. Please note that depending on our production schedule, quantity, and the complexity of your design custom tamp projects can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks and even longer for custom handle finishes and colors.

Contact us by email or call us at 1(800) 459-5594 today!

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