Harpeth Coffee Custom Grinder

Behold! The latest Espresso Parts Custom Shop grinder was inspired by the classic designs of Faema. Nashville’s Harpeth Coffee has two beautiful Faema espresso machines; the first is a restored “President” from the 50′s and the second a new production E61 “Legend“. Working with Harpeth we were able to design this classic Robur E with matching custom paint job. Paired with the back panels of the Faema machines we think this set up will look super dreamy. Be sure to visit Harpeth Coffee to see these machines in all their glory!

ChrisCole Grinder x Tamp -

ChrisCole Grinder x Tamp --2

ChrisCole Grinder x Tamp --3 ChrisCole Grinder x Tamp -6919

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