Build #52
Espresso Parts Custom Shop x Olympia Coffee Roasting Company

Big news for a local heavyweight, Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. unveiled their new build out last Monday to a healthy line of long-time patrons. The space carries sentiment as Espresso Parts, from 2006 to 2012, called the now-remodeled storefront cafe home.


And it’s certainly an upgrade from their prior location, a small cubby at the back end of the building where customers could barely form a line before being pushed out onto the stoop and tables were often snatched up.



There is some sentiment for the old space though. The weekend before the new build opened, one Olympia Coffee Co. regular lamented the loss of long-standing fixtures such as the textured floor tiles and wooden placards hanging behind the old bar. The inevitable loss aside, the new space is tremendous.


Filled with plenty of open air, high ceilings and natural lighting, Olympia Coffee Co. has many great years ahead with this new build.


No cafe build-out is complete without the flagship feature; the espresso machine. And the new machine at Oly Coffee Co. is no exception. In creating a custom machine that would hold up in the new space, Olympia Coffee enlisted the help of the Espresso Parts Custom Shop to generate the perfect addition.







The Machine: A Custom Strada 2EE
— powder coated back panel with hand painted stripping and logo, entire panel sealed with a matte clear powder coat
— blonde hard maple side panels, handmade in house, with laser engraved design


This project was a collaborative effort including the EP Custom Shop, Old Time Cider Design, Forever Powder Coating, designer Roussa Cassel and cabinet maker Michael Hedges.


The clean white front pairs perfectly with the simple interior of the shop and the wooden sides pop against the textured black ends.

The colorful front panel is smooth, milky and showcases Olympia Coffee Co’s unmistakable logo. The colored stripes that glide across the front are a visual delight, adding to the mostly sleek, white and blonde wood interior.




IMG_3949 IMG_3954




Another great machine! Another fantastic Espresso Parts custom job. If you are interested in getting a custom machine for your cafe, go to or email to get a conversation going.