Brewer of many tricks… 6 to be exact

Experimenting with coffee is half the fun, right? I mean, there is no better way to learn about coffee then getting in there and trying something, tasting it and trying it again. Maybe it’s with different brew methods, ratios, grind sizes and different coffees . . . either way, it makes us giddy inside.

But having the tools to experiment can get a little crazy. It’s like we all need an extra room in our house dedicated just to our coffee equipment. Or… maybe we just need one piece of equipment that does it all.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Yama Glass Silverton. Here are 6 different ways to use this magical brewer for your wildest coffee experiments.


1. Pour Over 

Leave the valve open during brewing and you’ve got yourself a pour over. You can even add a paper filter on top of the metal to pick up even more sediment and produce a cleaner lighter bodied cup.

2. Kyoto Style cold brew 

Yama Glass makes both these magical machines and Cold Brew towers. The valves are almost identical, just a little smaller. This is perfect way to test cold brew recipes at a smaller amounts. Or make enough cold brew for just you.

3. Japanese Iced Coffee 

Treat the Silverton as a pour over but substitute 1/3 of the amount of water you are pouring over with ice inside the decanter. Once you have finished brewing, pour coffee over ice.

4. Tea 

Close the valve and steep tea in the top with the metal filter according to your tea’s instructions. Open valve, watch tea dispense into the decanter and throw your own tea party.

5. Infusion 

This may or may not be our favorite… but put some fruit in the top with some vodka, or maybe something floral and some gin. Then start some tunes, and begin mixing cocktails for your house party.

6. Immersion brew method 


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