Good morning readers! We just got back from the BACC finale held at Coffee Bar SF. If you follow our blog you know what the BACC is by now. It’s only one of the best organized latte art competitions in the country!
This past Thursday was the finale of the first comp. season. Espresso Parts was lucky enough to be asked to sponsor the event. Supporting the local coffee cultures from all around not only these 50 states but across the globe is very important to us.
What did we sponsor? Only the most radical tamp trophies you ever seen! For the finale we had to step up our game and make some even more boss tamps. The top three overall winners got super deluxe gold, silver, and bronze tamps.
The beer was flowing and good times we’re had. Our hosts at Coffee Bar really know how to throw a party. Richard Sandlin host extraordinaire killed it keeping everything flowing and organized.
After a few hours and a couple of Tecates later we had our winners! This event was so much fun to be a part of! Big thanks to everyone who attended these comps. over the past six months.

And now the top three:

Josh Bonner 3rd Place
Harold McGovern 2nd
Che Garcia 1st

IMG_7440 IMG_7444 IMG_7446 IMG_7447 IMG_7448 IMG_7454 IMG_7464 IMG_7475 IMG_7480 IMG_7482 IMG_7486 IMG_7488 IMG_7520 IMG_7523 IMG_7530 IMG_7540


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