We recently had the amazing opportunity to work with Drago of Soyuz Coffee Roasting. Haven’t heard of Soyuz? That’s OK we’ll get you up to speed. Soyuz is Russia’s first medium sized specialty coffee wholesaler. They have three different brands with a total of seven espresso blends! Their new roasting facility is located in Kaliningrad which is where all the magic happens. From what we’ve heard these guys are roasting up some amazing coffees! Sorry but if you want a taste you’ll need to go to Mother Russia.

Soyuz Coffee Roasting is the producer of the Specialty Coffee Show taking place this week in Moscow. This event brings together some of the most talented Baristas from around the world to showcase specialty coffee. If you would like the more information on this weeks happenings you must check out the Barista Magazine blog. Our good friend Sara has been doing some amazing coverage!

We were approached by Drago to help design and create tamps that Soyuz would gift to a select group of nine Baristas. These Baristas are world class champs! Ever heard of Pete Licata? How about Stefanos Domatiotis? Yeah, we’re talking cream of the crop here.

Drago worked with our in-house designer Dave White to create some pretty epic tamps. Each of these bad boys is engraved with the lucky recipients name and beautiful Soyuz branding. We are very happy with how the tamps turned out and to work with new friends in Russia.

Want to know more about making your own customized tamp? Simply e-mail info@espressoparts.com and one of our customer service representatives will walk you through the details to provide a custom quote!

Would ya just look at that!

Soyuz_Tampers Soyuz_Tampers-2 Soyuz_Tampers-3 Soyuz_Tampers-4 Soyuz_Tampers-5 Soyuz_Tampers-6 Soyuz_Tampers-7 Soyuz_Tampers-8

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