A Barista's Review of the Slayer Steam LP Espresso Machine

Rounding out Slayer Espresso’s lineup of commercial espresso machines is the Slayer Steam LP. Merging the craft of artisanal espresso with the functionality and dependability of a commercial machine, the Slayer Steam LP espresso machine’s range of features puts the control back in the barista’s hands.

But will the Slayer Steam LP be a beneficial addition to your coffee shop’s bar, or overkill?

The Slayer Steam LP espresso machine is known for its progressive brewing capabilities and volumetric features, making it an excellent option for coffee shop’s looking to bridge the gap between repeatability and coffee mastery.

We spoke with coffee professional, Cydni Patterson, about her experience using the Steam LP at the getchu some gear booth at the 2022 Specialty Coffee Expo held in Boston, MA.

In this guide, we’ll show you:

  • How the Slayer Steam LP’s design and functionality contribute to the efficiency of a coffee shop
  • Which of the espresso machine’s features assist in maintaining coffee quality throughout the day
  • What you need to know about the machine’s maintenance schedule 

By the end, you’ll know if the Slayer Steam LP espresso machine is the best choice for your coffee shop.

The Slayer Steam LP: An Overview

Slayer Espresso machines debuted at the Specialty Coffee Association Expo in 2009. Since then, they’ve steadily grown their lineup of innovative espresso machines, which can now be found in coffee shops all across the globe.

In 2019, Slayer unveiled the Steam LP, a new iteration of its classic Slayer Steam EP espresso machine. The Steam EP machine gained a reputation for reliability, durability, and quality in high-volume shops and the Steam LP took this to the next level with desirable barista controls and features.

The Slayer Steam LP boasts features including:

  • Variable Pressure — Perfectly control the pressure of your machine with manual controls.
  • Group Barista Dashboards — Each grouphead boasts an intuitive dashboard for baristas to operate and program the machine.
  • Volumetric Controls — Crush every rush that comes your way with built-in shot repeatability.
  • Electronic Solenoid Steam Valves — Easy touch steam wands allow baristas to safely and accurately steam milk. 
  • Intuitive Interface — The Slayer Steam EP’s easy-to-understand interface lets your staff quickly adjust parameters on the fly.
  • Pre-Infusion Settings — Take your espresso to the next level with adjustable manual pre-infusion settings up to 10 seconds.
  • Manual & Volumetric Capabilities — Switch between manual and volumetric extraction for total control over the brewing experience.

The Slayer Steam LP’s expedites espresso calibration and simplifies volumetric repeatability while empowering baristas to take their craft to the next level.

Available Modifications

Modify your Slayer Steam LP espresso machine to be the spotlight of your shop or match your interior design. 

Model Size

Opt for a 2 or 3 group espresso machine, based on the volume needs of your coffee shop.


The Slayer Steam LP comes in a variety of colors including:

  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Bone Beige
  • White
  • Matte Black
  • Turquoise Blue

Take a look at the latest prices and modifications available for Slayer Steam LP espresso machines.

A Coffee Professional’s Thoughts on the Slayer Steam LP Espresso Machine

Cydni Patterson, a coffee professional based in North Carolina, has worked on a variety of Slayer espresso machines throughout her career. At the 2022 Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, MA, she used the Slayer Steam LP to serve complimentary espresso drinks at the getchu some gear booth to the thousands of attendees.

We spoke with Cydni about what coffee shop owners should know about the Steam LP’s features, extraction quality, and reliability when serving coffee in high-volume environments, from cafés to giant conferences.

How do first-time baristas do with the machine?

C: “At first the machine can seem intimidating, but once you get your hands on it, it’s pretty intuitive. The tactile nature of the machine is very smooth and the features are all in a logical place.”

How does the machine perform during a busy rush? Average day?

C:When I say it’s like the Cadillac of espresso machines, that’s truly how I feel. There’s not a lot of discrepancy with the shots and shot flow, even when you’ve got back-to-back orders. I move pretty quickly and efficiently on the bar and the Slayer machine maintains consistency for back-to-back shots. It’s been my experience that slayer machines don’t have a lot of water flow discrepancies or temperature fluctuations.”

Are there any features of the Slayer Steam LP espresso machine that contribute to an effective workflow?

C:The manual paddle provides a tactile representation of the bloom which is helpful. And, the ability to do quick digital adjustments to the volumetric settings. It feels like you’re the captain of a spaceship, but those quick adjustments are great during a busy rush.”

How are the machine’s ergonomics for baristas?

C:Even though I am height-challenged and most bars aren’t built with me in mind, I felt as though I didn’t need to stand on my calves all day to operate the Slayer Steam LP. I like how the interface is front-facing and accessible for different heights. The paddle also didn’t make you feel like you needed to be heavy-handed for operation. It moves smoothly throughout the shift.”

What should first-time users know about using this machine?

C: “It’s easy to get intimidated by the machine because there are so many options. But once you understand them, you realize it’s all features that you want. Review the list of features first, then play around with it along with someone familiar with the machine’s capabilities. This is the dream machine where you can make small tweaks and control the outcome of a shot.”

In combination with a quality grinder, how does the espresso pulled and milk steamed from this machine compare to others you’ve used throughout your career?

C: “I’ve been in the coffee business long enough to not have the hubris to think that every good shot of espresso I pull is because of me. There’s a lot of expertise and engineering that goes into the quality and features of each machine, and with this particular Slayer, it’s clear that I have almost nothing to do with the shots coming out smooth every time. Even if my recipes are off, the shots have the right appearance, smell, a logical drop, and I can make small adjustments with it—which speaks to the machine's consistency! 

But, the machine’s design and features make me feel like I’m a part of the process. The espresso is like Beyonce, but I got a little song credit! It’s a confidence boost working with it, but the machine really doesn’t need me there.”

Do any specific machine features contribute to drink quality?

C: “The volumetric settings. What blows my mind about the Slayer Steam LP is the ability to make volumetric adjustments without having to re-do the entire recipe in the system. I can put in the weight difference and it’ll adjust. 

It’s the worst when you’re in the middle of a rush and something’s off, or you have to change the beans, and you have to take time to dial-in. Plus, when you’re under pressure, you forget what you already know about dialing in. The personalization and features the machine provides help you avoid those missteps.”

What’s the standard maintenance timeline for this machine? How often are repairs required?

C: “In my experience, the Slayer team is very responsive and easy to reach when repairs are needed. It’s impactful because I’ve worked with other maintenance companies and this isn’t always the case. Even at the SCA Expo booth, the Slayer team was attentive and would stop by to make sure everything was okay and answer all our questions.

The machine is really a low-maintenance, well-mannered child. Most of our repairs or concerns were more geared towards how to optimize our usage of the machine. I haven’t encountered any major issues with the machine! And, the minor issues were all easily remedied.”

What’s it been like implementing repairs without a technician? Is this something the staff can do?

C: “It’s been great. I’m very aware of the quality of the machine and it’s really not as delicate as we all want to treat it, but you always want to have the confidence knowing you’re not going to break the machine. With Slayer, you can always reach out to their representatives and they listen! They’ve always made us feel comfortable in reaching out and asking questions.”

Is there anything else that someone who’s considering buying this machine should know before they commit?

C: “It is an amazing investment. As a person who walked up to the machine and was going to use it at Expo, I felt like the Slayer Steam LP was made with me in mind. Slayer espresso machines are solid products, they’re not arbitrarily put together with a high price point. Of course, every machine that can make espresso is a good espresso machine, but if you are in the right mindset and have the ability to get a Slayer, I can’t think of any reasons why you wouldn’t.”

A Review of the Slayer Steam LP

Coffee shop owners searching for the brilliant marriage of craft coffee expertise and dependability of volumetric features, the Slayer Steam LP espresso machine is the best fit. With the ability to record extraction recipes, control pre- and post-infusion, and the switch between manual and volumetric controls, this machine combines desirable automation while putting the barista in the captain’s chair.

Let’s review the pros and cons of the Slayer Steam LP before adding it to your cafe:



Volumetric settings record extraction recipes for reliable repeatability, even during the busiest days

Not available in 1 or 4 grouphead models

Make calibration adjustments on the fly with easy and user-intuitive settings that don’t require endless scrolling

Limited range of color modifications available

Programmable pre-infusion settings for full extraction control

The Slayer Steam LP espresso machine is ideal for coffee shops that want to:

  • Merge the gap between fully manual barista extraction and dependable technology
  • Improve espresso consistency with pre-infusion features, volumetric controls, and digital controls
  • Invest in a machine that will withstand the wear and tear of daily coffee shop life
Want to add the Slayer Steam LP to your shop? Check out our available Slayer espresso machines.