18 Must-Have Espresso Accessories For Coffee Shops

The right espresso accessories can mean the difference between a productive café or chaotic one. And that goes whether you’re the new espresso bar on the block or you’ve been pulling shots for years.


There are so many variables that go into making espresso; even tamp, perfect grind, optimum water pressure—the list is almost endless. And the slightest mistake can turn a delectable shot into a bitter mess.


A consistently good coffee is what keeps your customers coming back. Investing in the right espresso accessories helps you craft great coffee day-in, day-out.


Read on and find out:


  • The best accessories for getting the most out of your beans
  • Why a good portafilter can triple your efficiency
  • Why good espresso is all about backflushing


Let’s get started.

Espresso-Making Accessories

A good portafilter is the most important espresso machine accessory you can buy. The right one can double or triple your efficiency. There’s a variety of options on the market, but what’s right for you will depend on how busy your rush hours get and what type of drinks are on your menu. 


Here’s what we recommend:

  • Double Portafilter Spout
    •  A double spout can, well, double the coffee. But it can also help you tell if your tamp is even—ensure equal amounts have been poured into each glass and you’ve got a solid tamp.
    • Our choice: Standard 3/8" Double Portafilter Spout 
  • Bottomless Portafilter 
    • A bottomless portafilter lets the coffee pour freely into the glass so you can see exactly where the tamp is uneven. If you’re an espresso bar focusing on quality-conscious customers, then these can be a game-changer—you can see where the tamp is uneven and exactly what is going on. Which means you can fix it, and keep serving high-quality shots, consistently.
    • Our choice: Bottomless Portafilter 

Learn more: Why Use a Bottomless Portafilter? [5 Reasons] | Espresso Parts 

  • Shot glasses
  • Knockbox
    • Coffee gets messy. A good knockbox makes it easier to keep the espresso pucks in the container and not all over your floor. If you want to stop it shifting around the counter, get one with a silicon ring.
    • Our choice: Barista Basics Knockbox
  • Tamp and Tamp Mat
    • A tamp is essential for avoiding serving your customers a bitter mess. Without tamping, your coffee puck is uneven and full of air. And that leads to a poor water flow and uneven flavor extraction.
    • Our choice: Barista Basics Tamp + Square Tamp Mat
  • Espresso scale
    • A scale is essential for coffee shop owners who want the highest level of control and customization over their shot. This scale by Hario is accurate up to one-tenth of a gram and includes an integrated timer.
    • Our choice: Hario V60 Drip Scale and Timer | Espresso Parts 

Milk Steaming and Latte Art

Put the best tools in your baristas’ hands and let them get on with the steaming. A good pitcher should feel weighty in your hands, but not heavy. And a fine spout is essential for getting that latte art just right.

  • Pitchers
    • Our Barista Basics range fits all of the above, plus it comes with measurement lines on the inside of the pitcher. That helps you figure out how much milk you need for the recipe and keeps things consistent across orders. Consider adding a clip-on thermometer to ensure your milk is at the right temperature too.
    • Our choice: Frothing Pitcher 20 Oz Barista Basics By Espresso Parts
  • Pitcher rinser
    • Milk gets icky fast. Install a pitcher rinser and you can keep everything fresh without having to lug your pitchers to the kitchen between customer orders.
    • Our choice: Bar and Cafe Rinser, NSF Approved
  • Thermometer
    • If the milk is too hot you risk scalding your customers. A thermometer makes sure that everything is just right—until your baristas are experienced to tell the temperature by touch alone.
    • Our choice: 5-inch Frothing Thermometer 

Maintenance and Cleaning Accessories

Keeping your machine and tools spotless is not only the hygienic thing to do, but it also extends the lifespan of your espresso machine. These must-have cleaning and maintenance accessories will help you keep your machine in pristine shape.

  • Milk Wand Cleaner
    • A versatile solution for removing milk residue and making sure customers are tasting your espresso, not a blend of coffee grounds and machine residue.
    • Our choice: Urnex Rinza Milk Frother 
  • Multitool
    • An espresso machine is made up of a lot of complex parts. You need a tool that can adjust everything from steam wand tips and portafilters to the gasket probe and even bottle opening. This neat wrench from Pallo Caffeine can do all of that and more.
    • Our choice: Pallo Caffeine Wrench - Original Multi-Function Barista Tool 
  • Backflush Kit 
    • If you don’t backflush your coffee machine regularly, your machine is going to slowly fill with solidified oils and other gunk. This can cause damage to your machine and drink quality over time. So flush regularly!
    • Our choice: Espresso Parts Espresso Machine Backflush Kit 
  • Bar Cloth and Milk Cloth
    • Rags are good for general cleaning but you’ll want to have specific separate cloths to mop up messes on your bar, and another one for milk spills to avoid cross-contamination.
    • Our choice: Microfiber Cloth Towels

Serving Espresso

Studies show the shape, size, and color of your cups and mugs have a significant effect on customer taste perception. Our takeaway? Don’t skimp on the drinkware.

  • Spoons
    • A rust-resistant spoon that’s easy to clean will make your life that much easier. Sure, it’s small, but you don’t want to be without it.
    • Our choice: Demitasse Spoons
  • Espresso Cups and Saucers
    • A double-walled espresso cup will keep your shots hotter for longer. Ceramic demitasse cups also hold heat well.
    • Our choice: notNeutral Brand
  • Branded Serving Ware
      • Investing in custom cups is a good way to promote your brand and provide a uniform experience across your espresso bar. Here at Espresso Parts, we can customize pretty much any serving wares you can dream up.
      • Our choice: Custom Cups

    Espresso Machine Accessories At A Price That Won’t Leave A Bitter Taste

    Run through this list and you’ll be well on your way to showing your customers how good espresso can taste—all the while making your baristas’ jobs easier.  


    More good news: If you’re setting up a new espresso program and need some help sourcing the right supplies, we’ve gathered everything you might need on one page.

    Questions, comments, or queries? Our team of coffee industry veterans is just a phone call away. Contact us today.