Mazzer Switch Modification


  • Straight Blade Screwdriver
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Wire Stripping Tool
  • Wire Crimping Tool
  • Wire Ring Terminals
  • New Dial Switch Body


  1. Remove doser lid and hopper. Then lay the grinder down on its back with a cloth between the grinder and the table to prevent any scratching.
  2. Using a screwdriver, remove the bottom plate of the grinder to reveal the inside.
  3. Remove the switch knob, and remove two screws attaching the switch to the body.
  4. Before you go any further, use some tape to label the wires on the switch you just removed. The switch will have 4 terminals with molded numbers at the base. These wires need to be labeled as the following:
    #1 to R/L1
    #2 to U/T1
    #4 to S/L2
    #5 to V/T2
  5. Once you have labeled all of the wires, remove the connectors from the old switch
  6. Cut off the old spade connectors
  7. Strip an appropriate amount of insulation off of the wires and crimp the new ring terminals on the wire ends.
  8. Attach the wires to their new homes on the non timer switch. The labels you made in step 4 should correspond to the labels on the switch.
  9. Line the switch up in the hole on the body with the new switch indicator bezel. Screw the two fasteners down. Attach the new switch knob
  10. Reattach the screws holding the bottom plate in place using a screwdriver and stand the grinder back up.
  11. Place the hopper back on the Mazzer and test your new switch