IMS Baskets and Screens

IMS is an Italian company that has been manufacturing baskets and screens for many years and have now produced their own line for competition. What sets IMS apart are 2 main things - the design and the build process.

Comparing basket with IMS basket

The baskets IMS developed are a high quality basket with precision cut holes that are designed for a balanced delivery in relation to the height and shape of the basket. IMS uses a patented process to cut the holes to an exact angle. They then use an electropolishing process to smooth out the surface for an unmatched sanitary and non-contaminating basket. The polished and de-burred edges of the holes insure no coffee or coffee oil is hung up in the basket and kept from the cup.

The basket shape is also fairly unique. Unlike other baskets on the market the IMS baskets have a convex bottom to collect coffee towards the center of the puck during brewing helping to exploit the entire puck during extraction.

Comparing screen with IMS screen

The IMS screens are built similarly- they are built with the same attention to detail- the same process of precision cutting holes, the same electropolishing finish. What sets the IMS screens apart from the rest is the integration of the screen. It’s a one piece unit rather than multiple layers welded together, meaning a smooth surface without anything to get caught or break apart. This gives the screen and exceedingly long life while also making for a very sanitary brewing surface.

IMS has made a big push to offer these high precision baskets and screens for almost all equipment manufacturers. We carry an expansive line of IMS products for you to add to your machine, and experience the difference between your regular baskets and screen setup, and a precision basket and screen!