Espresso Cart Electricity


The number one issue people run into when building their cart and trying to supply power is amp capacity. We more commonly use volts when discussing electricity, but we’re not all as familiar with amps. Volts are commonly described as the amount of force the electricity has, whereas Amps are the amount of power that is being used. Think of it like this…. amps are the amount of work being done by the electricity. It’s more work to heat a home espresso machine (12A) than it is to charge your phone (1A), though both use 110V.


Amps are important when building out your cart because they are tough to come by, and expensive to generate. Everything uses amps- the espresso machine, a hot water kettle, a fridge, even the cash register. We need to be sure we can supply enough amps to make your customers come running back for more coffee. The easiest way to do so it to add up the total amp draw from all of the equipment you’ll be including on your cart. All of your equipment should have a data plate that lists the electrical ratings. Find the amps, add them up, and ensure it doesn’t exceed 75% of the available capacity.


Many generators are listed as available watts, not amps. Larger items like an Espresso machine will often have the watts listed, some smaller items may not. You can calculate the amount of watts you’ll be needing by using the Ohm’s law: Amps = Watts/Volts. With a little bit of figuring, you’ll be well on your way!

You should have a licensed and insured electrician do the installation. Power, and the amount you’re going to be using, is no joke, and as such, please leave it to the pros! We want to make sure you get home safe tonight, and every night!