30 PSI Inline Water Pressure Regulator

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FLOJET'S 1750 series Water Pressure Regulator reduces inlet water pressure to safe levels for pumps and appliances. Equipment is additionally protected from water-borne debris and particulates by the regulator's removable, cleanable inlet screen. Models are available in pre-set, non-adjustable maximum (nominal) outlet pressures. Actual outlet pressure varies with inlet flow rate and pressure, reference performance section below for details.

  • Read General Safety Information below before starting. Confirm presence of screen in regulator inlet port.
  • Wrap fitting threads with 1-2 winds of PTFE pipe thread tape. When installing fittings, hand-tighten adding only 1/4" turn to avoid damaging threads. Consider using elbow fittings to reduce stress to regulator and tubing when installing in confined areas.
  • WARNING: Plastic barbed fitting, 1/2" NPT, ONLY, may be used . Use of metal fittings may damage regulator housing, voiding the warranty.
  • Position regulator before equipment/appliance inlet side. When possible, mount regulator where visible and accessible for cleaning. Arrow on regulator indicates direction of flow. Regulator may be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Plumb regulator to braided, high-pressure, flexible tubing on both ends, and secure with Oetiker stainless-steel clamp. Do not plumb regulator directly to rigid tubing, or any pipe.
  • Secure regulator and tubing with cable ties to reduce possibility of stress to regulator and tubing.

Inlet port screen should be cleaned if needed, several times per year or more depending on water quality. See General Safety Information below before attempting.

General Safety Information
Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information for equipment and appliances. Shut off all power and drain pressure from system prior to any installation.

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