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We get emails and letters now and again that makes us feel pretty good about the work and service we provide. All of us at Espresso Parts NW really enjoy what we do here. We love working in--and being a part of--the commercial espresso/specialty coffee industry. Whether designing or promoting new barista tools, selling a new machine or even providing that much-needed espresso machine part to keep your equipment up and running, we work hard to improve your espresso/coffee business and keep you going strong.

These emails and letters don't go unappreciated. They end up being read a few times and forwarded around the office, possibly printed out posted in the warehouse for a bit. After reading this last email, we decided to create a Comments and Testimonials section so we could share some of these stories with anyone interested in reading them.

 May 2018

It is always a pleasure doing business with Espresso Parts; thank you for all the help.

You go way beyond normal client/technical support and I truly share your passion for espresso.
Enjoy your holiday! Chris 

 April 2018

I recently made a purchase and had an issue in the transaction. I was incredibly amazed how the company handled everything... I’m so thankful for companies like yours that operate at the highest level of integrity and honor. It’s companies like yours that make loyal customers and set the stage for how businesses should be run. Thanks guys! Liz


Oh my goodness!

Oh my goodness! I got my espresso cup stamp yesterday! It is cooler than I could have ever imagined! =) It's actually a present for my friend Jeff and his Birthday is coming up on June 25th. I can't believe you guys are SO quick, and do such perfect and amazing work! I was really expecting to wait 6 weeks for it to arrive...and I got it in less than two weeks! WOW! I will definitely be ordering another espresso cup stamp SOON!

Thank you and everyone else there for being so wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Bridget
Legendary Reputation

Thank you both for your help! You've gone above and beyond your legendary reputation amongst thecoffeegeek/home-barista circles. It has been a rough few days of drip but I'm off to Stumptown for some fresh beans and my first plumbed-in home espresso.

Thanks again, Charlie

Excellent Service

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. You responded to my email in approximately 7 minutes, and had the correct tamper at my door the next day. Despite the initial minor error, that's amazing service, and I'll surely purchase from you again. Nice work.
Thank You

Thanks Brian, for taking care of my messy ordering. The two backflush gizmos and the gasket both arrived yesterday morning. I appreciate the excellent service.




I just came upon your site by chance (after a Google search) and thought I would place an order. To my surprise I received all the ordered parts on Monday morning! Not only did my order arrive quickly but everything I ordered was shipped. No back orders!

We own a small Gourmet Coffee Shop (The Barbarian) and our goal is to provide exceptional customer service to all our customer. One of the key components to achieving this is having suppliers who are dependable and trustworthy.

In this day and age of internet scams and bad businesspracticesit is very refreshing to come across a business such as yours. I just wanted to say thank you and Fantastic service!

Keep up the good work.

Cameron Smith

Stellar Service

This letter is for anyone considering using Espresso Parts NW for the first time. I say this because after the first time, you will be so impressed with the service and dedication of this company, and it's entire staff, you most likely will come back again and again.

My wife and I own and operate Best Friend Espresso, a high volume Drive-thru on the north shore of Lake Washington. We have been customers of Espresso Parts NW for over two years now. From our very first order, in which I ordered the wrong part, Espresso Parts NW showed they are a cut above the rest. When I informed them of my mistake, that it was a critical part for my Espresso Machine and my business was down, they had the correct part on it's way in a matter of minutes.

I didn't beg, or ask for special treatment, they just did it. I was back in business and up to full production the next morning. Most companies would have led me down the long drawn out path of return the incorrect part, re-order and start the whole process again. Espresso Parts NW was only concerned with getting my business up and running, then we could deal with the return of the incorrect part. Needless to say, I was very impressed and told them so. They acted like it was no big deal, as if it were a given.

Well it was a big deal.Their quick response saved us literally hundreds of dollars in lost revenue, paying for our order several times over. From that moment on we have been loyal Espresso Parts NW customers and will continue to be for many years to come. They have saved our bacon many times since that first order, which has demanded that I make time to write this testimonial.

In thefast pacedworld of business and making money, it is refreshing to find a company that has the old-fashioned quality of outstanding customer service. It doesn't matter if you are ordering a .59 cent gasket or a $10,000 Espresso machine, they make you feel like you are their best customer. Espresso Parts NW is the "Nordstrom" of the Espresso parts industry. God help us if they ever issue credit cards and our wives get ahold of it.

Wayne Hembree
Lake Washington, WA USA
Best Friend Espresso

Great company- good communication and fast service

Hi- Just wanted you to know that you are a great company- good communication and fast service. The way internet shopping should be!

Thanks again Julie

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

To: Brian - Sales & Devon - Parts

Thank you so much for all your help! Our business, customersandemployees also thank you. You saved us in so many ways!

Penny A Patterson Manager

Catalog: "Thank you thank you!"

It's more a coffee table book for my home. I've loved espresso parts a few years now. Purchased a number of things for myself and soon will be buying lots of accessories for the cafe i work at. It's nice having a no nonsense supplier who knows a ton and isn't just about selling industry pushed products to naieve consumers like aabree et al.

Thanks again -Brandon
Catalog: "Thank you thank you!"

It's more a coffee table book for my home. I've loved espresso parts a few years now. Purchased a number of things for myself and soon will be buying lots of accessories for the cafe i work at. It's nice having a no nonsense supplier who knows a ton and isn't just about selling industry pushed products to naieve consumers like aabree et al.

Thanks again -Brandon
From Stirling

Dear EP,

Thanks again for taking the time to participate in thefirst ever"Stirling Signature Beverage Open". We're looking forward to a great competition at Coffee Fest Seattle See you there!

Take Care, Kate

Torani HQ

Hi Brian!

Thank you so much for sending us the equipment in Chicago. EP is awesome! Hope you enjoy the Drinking Chocolate - Let us know your feedback.

Regards, Marcella

"One of my favorite suppliers"

Hi Brian,

I have paid this now throughpaypal. Please make sure it ships to theCheasapeake, VA address provided. Thanks for helping me with this. I also want to let you know that when I placed my order to come to my California address, I received the naked portafilter in 2 days!!!!!! This absolutely amazed me and now makes me a very happy customer. You have now become one of my favorite suppliers.

Thanks so much!! I am very happy with your service. I truly intend to tell others!!

- Maybelle

"My Compliments"

It's more a coffee table book for my home. I've loved espresso parts a few years now. Purchased a number of things for myself and soon will be buying lots of accessories for the cafe i work at. It's nice having a no nonsense supplier who knows a ton and isn't just about selling industry pushed products to naieve consumers like aabree et al.

Thanks again -Brandon

I have just received theshippmentand I am writing to thank you and to congratulate you for your EXCELLENT service. I would like to say that I will only shopfromyou in the future and I willdefinatelyrecommend you to my friends.

Thanks again.
Cheers, George

why espresso parts rules

just in case there's any doubt, there's one simple reason why espresso parts rules: brian, brian, brian.

lemme explain. upon my recent return from italy, mr. right -- who frankly prefers diet coke but will on the weekend deign to take a batdorf dancing goat latte -- had asked for a latte. he did in fact drink a cappuccino every morning in italy.

thus when i presented him with the usual latte, he thrilled my little chiming heart by casually asking "could i get another shot in this?" but lo and behold, he was already drinking a cup made with a doppio (double) ristretto.

that's correct: mr. right had asked to step up to the triple ristretto! now long-time readers will recall that kevin, mike, and chris of gimme coffee had coverted me this summer to the triple ristretto espresso.

thus i was looking for an excuse to buy a la marzocco triple basket. and how neatly mr. right dropped it in my lap!

i placed my order with espresso parts. i couldn't for the life of me find the part searching, so i called the sales office, which kindly gave me the part number: mz.108.

then i went on my merry way to yoga class, thinking of it no more. long-time readers know i possess both a rancilio silvia espresso machine and an expobar office control, the famed carlos.

this afternoon i received a phone call from brian d. of espresso parts. "hey," he said in that awesome laid-back voice of his, "i was getting ready to ship your order when i noticed you have a rancilio commercial portafilter. you know, the triple basket is 58mm wide, but it's too tall for your portafilter."

"ok," i said, "i guess i need a new portafilter. but since i have an expobar, can i get one that will fit both?"

now this is a daunting question, since as devoted espresso fanatics know, the so-called "ear patterns" of silvia and carlos are completely different. the "ear pattern" is the shape and arrangement of the 2 little flanges on the sides of the portafilter that lock it inside the grouphead.

and what does awesome brian say? he says: yes! "i can make one that will fit both," he says. yes!

my heart melted into my tod's driving loafers. brian knows how to make a girl happy!

repeat after me: espresso parts rules! thank you, ep!

but i had to get brian off the phone before i impulsively ordered a wega lyra. . .

Charmers Cafe, Chicago

We received the PFs today, and everything works great. Thanks again for all your help. We'lldefinatelybe doing business together again.

Best Regards, Josh Hirsen Charmers Cafe, Chicago

Excellent Customer Service & Knowledge

Wow. May I commend you on your excellent customer service, product selection, and knowledge. I was never super impressed with WholeLatteLove help/service/knowhow, but recently my opinion of them has slipped even FURTHER.

It is nice to have a west coast contact. I will be filling my 'spressomachneeds withya'llfrom now on.

Continue to Amaze...

Thanks very muchDave. You guys continue to amaze with your customer service.

Best regards, Bob

I am so glad that I discovered you all

I am so glad that I discovered you all.....Thank you for being such a great retailer!

Happy Holidays! - Jess

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