Adjusting the Grind

How to adjust espresso grind?

1. Push down on the Burr Lock--if your grinder has one--located partially under the Grinder Adjustment Wheel (where the bean hopper and grinder meet). Some models of grinders do not have a burr lock and rely on tension springs to hold the grind parameters, while others utilize a simple knob type adjustment.

Grinder types

2. Turn the Grinder on while you make your adjustments to prevent burrs from becoming jammed from coffee beans.

Adjusting the grind level

3. Move the knob left or right to change the grind size. Make grind adjustments in small increments. Espresso grinders are designed for precision. Small adjustments will make a large difference in the time of your extraction.

4. Empty the doser of the previous grind setting before pulling a test shot. This can be between 5-60 grams of coffee depending on the grinder. If you are using a doserless grinder, discard 20-40 grams of coffee after any adjustments are made

5. Now test the size by brewing espresso.


Why adjust your espresso grind?

Adjusting your grinder is an important part of a Barista’s daily routine. Adjusting daily or even hourly may be necessary depending on the weather inside and outside your cafe.

As the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure change, you will need to adjust your grind size. If your shot times are off or pour too slow or fast, there's a good possibility the grind of the coffee is either too coarse (time too short) or too fine (time too long).

More Coarse vs More Fine

Course grind

Coarse - Think of the coarse like you think of a jar of marbles. The larger the marbles in the jar, the faster water can pass through. When you make coffee more coarse - more water will also pass through the coffee quickly. If your espresso or brew is too long, a coarser grind is what you are looking for.

Fine grind

Fine - Think of a finer grind as you would think of a jar of sand. The smaller the sand particles, the slower water will pass through the jar. When you make coffee more fine, water will pass through the coffee more slowly. If your espresso or brew is too short, a finer grind is what you are looking for.

Coffee Grinding VS Espresso Grinding

We like to think of coffee grinding as macro or large scale, while espresso is micro or small-scale. Be aware when you are making changes to espresso grind the adjustments should be tiny. It’s best to adjust 1 notch or a ¼ inch at a time.


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