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La Marzocco Swift Hopper Retro-fit Kit (Special Order Item)

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This is a special order item and will ship separately.
Please allow 6 - 10 business days (typically) for the item to be processed prior to shipping.

Complete set included here. Affects all models produced up to 05/01/2017. Swift grinders produced after this will include these new components.

There are new hoppers now available for the La Marzocco Swift grinder. You are looking at the new complete kit, including new collars, hoppers and lids for both the right and left side. The external design aesthetic has not changed although an internal safety guard has been added. Additionally, the mold has been slightly changed around the base allowing a more uniform section and improving impact resistance. For this reason, hopper collars on Swift grinders with the old-style hoppers will not work with the new hoppers. If replacing an older Swift hopper you will need to also replace the hopper collar and lids. Sadly, the new lids will not fit the old hoppers, so if a new lid is needed, you will need to order a complete assembly (which are considerably less expensive now). Note: one new collar, hopper and lid assembly will fit next to one of the old ones, left or right side. New hopper gates are not included with this kit, existing hopper gates are reused.

New material

The new Swift hoppers and lids are made using a next-generation co-polyester. It is transparent, has excellent impact resistance and is 100% BPA free. Only the new hoppers are available for purchase.

Also available to retrofit one Swift grinder with the new hoppers are the following new parts:

  • 5.319.01 New Style Swift Hopper Collar
  • 5.332.02 New Style, Right Hopper Only, Swift
  • 5.333.02 New Style, Left Hopper Only, Swift
  • 5.367.01 New Style, Right Hopper Lid, Swift
  • 5.369.01 New Style, Left Hopper Lid, Swift

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