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Baratza is stepping it up with the addition of the Vario+ and continuing the legacy of a popular home coffee grinder, the Vario. Improvements were made to the commercial-grade build quality of this fancier model. What we especially like about the new Vario Plus models is that Baratza is making great strides in reducing their environmental impact, a quest that we can all appreciate. Every grinder is repairable and backed by a team of knowledgeable support specialists. This is great news because you know they were built to last and they’re not going to end up in a landfill: perhaps you can pass this espresso grinder down as a family heirloom. Plus, all packaging is recyclable and plastic waste eliminated. Eco-friendly coffee grinder: check! 

Vario+ Grinder Features

Sometimes when you roll out of bed you just want to keep rolling to the coffee. Well good news, the Vario+ makes it easy! This pro-level espresso and coffee grinder has an easy-to-read LCD backlight system that lights the way to choose 1 of 3 preset grinds. And unlike the Vario W+, this model offers the luxury of grinding right into a portafilter or a grinds bin. Another difference is that this machine features flat ceramic burrs so you don't risk overheating your beans and burning off those precious oils that give your coffee roast its perfect yummy flavor. 

  • 54mm flat ceramic burrs.
  • 220 steps of adjustment for dialing in espresso and all brewing styles.
  • Exceptional cup quality for home, office, and business.
  • Accurate dosing using a digital timer and programmable buttons.
  • Sturdy metal PortaHolder, grind direct into a portafilter.
  • Barista lights so you can monitor your grinds in your portafilter or the bin.

About The Brand

Baratza is a company born out of the love to provide innovative quality grinders to the Specialty Coffee community. All grinders are designed and engineered in Seattle, WA, and burrs are manufactured in Germany. In 2016 Baratza introduced the first-ever grind by weight grinder for home use and has received a handful of awards from SCAA for their innovation and unique product designs.

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