Mazzer Doser Return Spring

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Fits all model Mazzer dosers. If your spring is breaking frequently, you may want to consider picking up a new complete plate assembly. After time the lever wears out the aluminum of the plate where the lever pin goes through, causing the lever to wobble vertically. This puts excessive tension on the spring, causing them to snap.

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Manufacturer Mazzer

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Glen Douglas

Good service


Original spring on my Mazzer Mini broke from constant dosing. Easy to install. Now the dosing lever snaps back quickly. Good as new! Shipping was super fast!

David S.

Yup, installed easy and works perfect in my Mazzer Rio Grinder.

Robert W

The spring was a perfect fit and easy to install. Espresso Parts sent the part very quickly. Great Company to deal with.


Our grinder lost a bottom screw, and so the loose plate caused the spring to break. Got great help and advice from espressoparts, and was able to get the right screw, and fix it all. Works perfectly and the experience with this company was excellent.

John D.

Perfect fit and easy to install. Also, the item was packed well and shipped fast!! Great folks to do business with!


very easy to install, no need to pay someone to do it.